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  1. Using Super Macro for this. Macro that casts arcane explosion Rank 1 unless clearcasting has proc'd then it will cast Rank 6: But I keep getting this error: Anyone have an idea why?
  2. Poe

    World PvP

    Game is absolutely toxic right now. Leveling in any 50-60 zone is nigh impossible. Not only is it groups of 60's patrolling every 50+ zone they're all on Epic Mounts they exploited to get and haven't earned. Literally broken.
  3. So how is the Epic mount for 200g not being looked at as an exploit? It's clearly not Blizz-like and 100% against the intent of the change in the patch.
  4. I'm glad you made this thread. In spite of the troll defending the decision everyone I have spoken to in game that didn't benefit from this decision has adamantly opposed it. It's not only that they received an epic mount for little to no effort, but that it has single handily ruined leveling 50-60. Both factions have groups of 60 patrolling all the 50-60 zones with epic mounts. Literally every one of them has an epic mount. Prior to this patch I could at least mount up and run from these groups and there was a good chance they wouldn't pursue. Now it is virtually impossible to avoid being ganked, and because of that, virtually impossible to level with any sort of regularity.
  5. That is not the intention of the game. Leveling in an instance restricts me from enjoying the open world and environment. The ganking is toxic right now because there is literally zero chance of escaping anyone because all the 60's have epic mounts they got for dirt cheap. This compounds the problem.
  6. Really horrible decision. Now us still leveling can't even escape the 60's chasing us for free honor. Absurd.
  7. It is nearly impossible for anyone in the 50's to level now. There are 60's in every zone and everyone of them is on epic mounts and all they do is patrol and kill everyone in site. I get the PvP server and all but this is just ridiculous. I've gained 10% XP in 3 hours of play in WPL. It's bad enough everyone that was 60 got epic mounts for dirt cheap making it impossible to escape them. Just give them battlegrounds so we can actually level and enjoy the game.
  8. Yes that's why I took the screen shot showing my skill level as 250/300. The requirement for Heavy Mageweave is only 240.
  9. As you can see my first aid is 250 and I still cannot train in Heavy Mageweave Bandage. Is there anything I can do to fix this bug?
  10. https://imgur.com/a/g6ESY I know it's a bit difficult to tell, but the ?? hunter named "Khaz" was sending his pet to attack my group while he was on mount. He didn't leave mount at all during combat but his pet was able to attack multiple members of my raid group doing world PvP in southshore. As far as I'm aware this is not an ability that is available in Vanilla WoW.
  11. I can login to my account and also the website but when I try to enter my information into the RESTORE CHARACTERS page it tells me wrong password or authentication issue? Please help.
  12. Poe

    Deathmaw bugged?

    I play on Elysium server and for the last 4 days I've been trying to locate and tame Deathmaw. Every time I go to Burning Steppes I have found Deathmaw's corpse in the same exact spot. Is he currently not respawning for some reason? It this a bug?
  13. lol. No. Just slipped my mind.
  14. Poe

    Viper Stung

    haha yeah that many viper stings must be a pain. Had a lot of fun last night. Glad to finally come across you in the world after watching your PvP vids.
  15. So did he give it to the winner after he ninja'd it?