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  1. in hunter sections, it says around 2 hours. is this true cause i'm spending hours and hours camping instead of playing. and i'm not seeing him spawn, even with unitscan....nothing ? is he even in the game ??
  2. jjamess

    session expired

    hi, when i try to change realms i get this message. what does it mean, how can i try a different realm ?
  3. jjamess

    is my account hacked

    well,there you go.i log on a few hours later and it works....so i wasnt hacked;).....thanks for all the replies.
  4. jjamess

    is my account hacked

    hi, i try to log in but says my info is incorrect.....how do i know if i am hacked.
  5. jjamess

    reclaimed pets

    thats not what i meant....so the answer is no then :(
  6. jjamess

    reclaimed pets

    Hi, i tamed Lupos on my hunter, and mistakenly abanoned him. is it possible to get him back ?