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    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    Good to know about AC so how (in your opinion) should stats be prioritized when putting together a tank set?
  2. So I've read through the Pre-raid BiS and some other threads discussing feral mechanics if you will and I haven't come across anything conclusive stating the best path for most viability as a bear tank. What should matter most: AC (10k since past 10k has a diminishing return?) Stamina Dodge (how much though, is there a diminishing return) Hit % (Cap is 9% and we gain threat from our strikes, do they work when they "miss" if we're under the hit cap?) Defense (I know we can't come near the def cap so does this matter at all?) Just looking for a discussion or a link to a prior discussion or reference where I could learn more about this. I focus more on being feral dps but from time to time have to O/T and want to make a better O/T set for when the time comes.