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  1. i have two builds wich oneof the two builds would be the best one for dungeon/20man raids and pvp? https://classicdb.ch/?talent#LmhxbAboxzVZec0oh or https://classicdb.ch/?talent#LmhxbAboxzVZefzo
  2. zavaz

    a weird combat dagger spec!

    just bored at work and playing around with dif specs. was thinkning https://classicdb.ch/?talent#f0ecoxbZGcVb0yz0bZV but mabye AR are to good to skip ? just want some thoughs :)
  3. zavaz

    2Handed warrior specc?

    How Good is the Epic 2h scen from DM-north.(cant remember the name). Running as 2h fury atm. Is it to fast (2.70 aspd) ? Or mabye sep speed dossent måttet that much as fury?
  4. zavaz

    2Handed warrior specc?

    Rly great suggestions here. now i just need to make up my mind :D Just got the Dreadforge axe from emp in brd also :D so a new wep is check ! :D
  5. zavaz

    2Handed warrior specc?

    Finaly level 60:) ive heard about a 2h fury/slam spec. Any thoughts on that spec? Looking at some youtube vids and it looks pretty cool!
  6. zavaz

    Try Something new!

    Hey! as the title says. i wanna try something new for me.. have always played as ret pally while leveling (43) atm , but i i feel i wanna try something new. got a friend that plays prot atm so some kid of hybrid spec that could combine good with him would be nice! but i also wanna be able to run solo. :) anyone have any suggestions. ?
  7. zavaz

    2Handed warrior specc?

    A great point. I did not knew that!
  8. zavaz

    2Handed warrior specc?

    Thanks for great feedback! I try the arms spec at first. Fury seems cool and all. But there is something about Ms :)
  9. zavaz

    2Handed warrior specc?

    So. if i wanna play warrior as a 2handed type (as i think warrior "should" be) what specc should i use as a fresh lvl 60. (not level 60 yet) i wanna be able to grind/run dungeons and mabye do sone pvp. just casual playing really. is there a specc out there that could be decent at this ? i dont mind tanking the dungeon just to be clear :)