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  1. sreaver

    Copying Bank toons and low levels.

    Perhaps no gold cap is needed if Elysium and Anathema goes to different TBC servers, if not, then some kind of cap should be in place. Especially if Elysium's time line is speeded up, it is absolutely necessary because the economies of each server will be in totally different situation. And I also agree that limiting gold and resources creates a lot more blizzlike situation for the server launch. Cap is not hard to implement. You have the cap, and then ban everyone who receives gold for nothing; they are either buying it or circumventing the cap. Also nothing you farm will be lost, as it will all be right there on your vanilla server.
  2. sreaver

    Patch 1.7 announcement

    They have a lot on their plate with Naxx and releasing new content will increase the population temporarily and thus increase the lag. They should delay ZG until they can upgrade the servers.
  3. Thats exactly the point; they are arguing amongst themselves, but thinking that it's Elysium players wanting this or that in regards to Anathema.
  4. I'm also reading comments like someone is "making" Anathema to wait for Elysium, and now you are saying that you would "like" to wait. So which is it? Only way Anathema can ruin the gaming experience for great majority of the players in this project is if they are merged with Elysium or transfers from Anathema to Elysium is opened, and that is why those situations have to be carefully planned and will most likely involve some 'sacrifices' on part of the Anathema players. Players from Elysium obviously do not want either of those options, but we can speculate what it would take for them to accept either one happening. Why would Anathema players speak out on behalf of Elysium? Elysium is doing fine, and will get TBC server if they want it and can fund it. The majority always gets their way in the end. But who knows, if there is a big turnover in players of this project, then maybe when TBC comes knocking, majority of the Elysium players might prefer a fresh start of Vanilla in Crestfall.
  5. You guys have the situation upside down in your head. By and large Elysium players don't mind what ever Anathema does, as long as it doesn't affect their gaming experience negatively. Players from Elysium would welcome transfers to Anathema, as it might help with the lag if some players would leave (People are just not suggesting it, because it's most likely not very popular choice, but would still require a lot of work and time from the staff). Elysium, again by and large, does not want Anathema to wait or anything such. Most likely all that Elysium players will ask is to play vanilla with no rush, and then when they are done with that (some may never be), play at completely fresh TBC server. If they are large enough population and can fund the server as a community, I don't see why that would not happen. So the real question is, why are Anathema players making demands? Just enjoy your TBC server, which hopefully will be well populated with all the returners and possible rerollers and/or transfers from Ely, and let Elysium players enjoy their upcoming TBC server, if they so choose.
  6. I suggest having a very strict limits on resources when characters get copied to TBC realms, to have that blizzlike feeling where you will not see everyone on flying mounts instantly when people hit 70 and might not see epic flying mounts for a while, also keeps the cost of materials at reasonable level . Maybe ~500 gold max, and transfer only items in the regular bank space, while emptying the bags in bank (Obviously if you have the time and resources to code it, it's better to limit only tradeable/usefull materials and let people bring over as many vanity items and item sets as they want to, but strict bag space limit works too). This will give very fresh and blizzlike feeling to the TBC servers, and still people get to keep everything they farmed as the items are still at the vanilla servers.
  7. You are emotional about your server and that is fine, but the reality is that Elysium players, by and large, do not want to transfer to Anathema, and they don't care if Anathema waits for them or not. At the moment most of them are indifferent about it, as they don't need Anathema players, or slightly sceptical, because the server is having hard time coping with the Elysium population already. The waiting part is an obvious prerequisite for Elysium players to allow Anathema players to come in to the Elysium TBC realm, and the suggestion is coming from rational Anathema players themselves, who can see the situation as it is; If you think majority of the players are going to get 'screwed over' for the sake of minority, in a project that needs the majority's funding and support to thrive, you are setting yourself for a big letdown.
  8. It's obviously worse than starting with the correct patch and a real 'fresh' feel to the realm (meaning that you don't have to rush through what is considered obsolete content at later patches). I seriously doubt they have even contemplated on forcing majority of their player base to follow minority. Thus I think their go-to strategy is to keep status quo and first release Anathema TBC, and then with correct time line release Elysium TBC (if you note the first post mentions TBC realms). They most likely hope that TBC will revive Anathema, so it could function as proper server on it's own. My suggestion on how to handle the situation, still leaves them with that option.
  9. Forcing great majority to skip hard worked content/progress to cater for small minority does not sound rational.
  10. If the code is ready before Elysium realm is fully done then question about single server all boils down to two points; Can the server handle it, and are Anathema players willing to wait possibly ~6 months extra to play TBC? From a development point of view, it would be crazy to either accelerate the time line or to move your players to TBC before they have had enough time to farm Naxx (meaning even lower tier guilds clearing it enough times). They spend a lot of time and effort to realize that content, so it would be mighty demoralizing for those developers if the majority of the players couldn't enjoy it to the fullest. Notion that they can stay farming the Naxx even if TBC is out is not going to fly, as these players then want a fresh start at TBC and most likely are big enough group to get what they want. Thus you would have diminished your hard worked vanilla content and still would end up with multiple TBC Servers with different time lines. So in my opinion, the only rational course is what I suggested earlier; release an Anathema only TBC for those who don't want to wait and to test the content, and once Elysium has had enough time with Naxx, release Elysium TBC server, but allow transfers to it from Anathema's vanilla server. That way players from Anathema who want to be a the main realm can do it, and those who don't want to wait, can start TBC earlier with the knowledge that their server will be low population server.
  11. First release Anathema TBC server for Anathema players who don't want to wait for it, and to test the code. Then when Elysium has had enough time to farm Naxx, release a second TBC server but allow players from all vanilla realms to transfer in to it, so players from vanilla Anathema who want to transfer to Elysium can finally do it. Final step is to merge vanilla Anathema and Elysium to leave a hopefully healthy vanilla server running.
  12. sreaver

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    I don't remember hateful ever doing over 9k in real Vanilla. And after few kills it was done mostly without consumables, so it's definitely doable that way, just hard. Also it brings chaos in to the fight that is crucial element of real vanilla raiding, and let's guilds with fast reactions and good raid leaders shine, as they avoid wipe even when some of the tanks die. Hopefully some kind of artificial lag will be implemented on Heigan dance too.
  13. sreaver

    Naxxramas Public Test Announcement

    Curse of KT disables the effects of all consumables (including mana pots, so bring enough healers) except shadow prot potion. That might do the trick in one big sweep, instead of using lot of time to tweak every encounter.
  14. sreaver

    Raiding without addons + bigwigs

    And don't get me wrong, there are ton of youngsters with tremendous gifts and abilities, but partially because of these permanent 'training wheels' like features in almost all aspects of life (like addons in WoW), these poor guys will never realize their true potential and will end up recirculating the ideas and thoughts of past generations in perpetuity.
  15. sreaver

    Raiding without addons + bigwigs

    Tactics - as in to work around some people being way worse without addons, in this context. Calculations - as in calculations in your head about how much threat have I done, how much time untill next ability etc. because you did not have addons to tell you that, when real men played this game. I hear often the statement that everyone who played back in the day were retards, and the only thing retard with that statement is the logic behind it. It's like saying that because it took Tesla years to invent and develop tesla coil, and because today young kids can be taught the principles and even build one in hours, Nikola Tesla must have been retard compared to modern mouthbreather. While in reality we know that results, for example, in IQ tests have been going steadily down in western societies, so it's easy to conclude that also players of today (and computer users in general) are also dumber each year. They just seem 'smarter' because they have, in this case, addons holding their hand and telling them the information that the past, more intelligent, playerbase figured out and taught them.