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    What am I missing?

    Haha, I think the Barrens gave me a sunburn that went to my head. After a good nights sleep I took a gander at my spellbook and of course found what I´ve been looking for. I am a genius!
  2. crocro

    What am I missing?

    Hi, being newly rolled on the server I´m looking to level Tailoring on my Warlock. But I can´t seem to figure it out. I´ve trained "Apprentice Tailoring", but none of the trainers sell the pattern for "Bolt of Linen Cloth"? Am I not supposed to buy it from a trainer? I´ve checked the tailors in Brill, Undercity and Orgrimmar and I can´t seem to find it. What is the keybind to open the Proffesions tab? I can see that I´ve learned Tailoring by pressing K, but I can't craft anything there. Do I have to be in a specific spot? I know this is stupid, but it´s now late and my frustration is increasing, so please, throw me a bone. Thanks