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  1. If their is nothing on your provider side maybe Elysium has to check there side... I don't know how the blocking mechanic are working for Elysium but maybe you have to take a look with them (IP or something else...) So for the moment issue in temporally fixed by using the VPN right ? Now cross finger and *summon a gm*
  2. Y en avait pas un chez les Utopi récemment encore ?
  3. Keep crashing when using addons

    Hi, was the same for me but a lot of different Questie version are existing. Check your version and try to download the latest one (but not the beta) from github Questie. Cannot provide you the link atm sry
  4. Is Crestfall PTE coming in the near future?

    If they create a dynamic of merging all servers together when progress is finish and open a fresh one every 1.5/2 years it will always be the reference I think. People are always looking for fresh server but if Elysium give players the chance to have fresh every two year with saving old character on a general realm they will stop to migrate like birds and make Elysium their new home.
  5. So if it's working with a VPN for me it's a provider related issue. If the issue was coming from your PC doesn't matter of VPN or not issue will still the same. So now you can play with the VPN connection but open a ticket with your ISP and explain him it's working with a VPN. If he can't solved it I hope you don't have high latency with the VPN cause you will have to run it always when you play...
  6. So ok, no packet loss... Have you tried to run a vpn to connect ? Sounds really strange for me, like an ISP provider restriction or a Firewall who don't allow the connection, but you are able to connect till the characters page. If it's working with the vpn application I suggest you to contact your ISP provider and explain the case properly. It look likes in any case we are not able to ping the logon.elysium-project.org but it sounds logic to have ICMP locked on server side... We will find the issue :)
  7. If you are loosing some packets it will be really an issue. So you can try this : - Update router software (fix some instability issue for me some month ago) - Check lan cable and maybe change it - Change the port you are connected on the router - Change the network card in your pc at the end Just one question, you asked your ISP provider to check if you was not blocked, but have you check the line stability with him ? And if possible can you just send a screenshot of a simple ping to an public ip ? ( for example) for 30/40 packets ?
  8. Allow Multiboxing to revitalize the server

    Nop. Nop. And nop. We need more player not more account with the same guys on it. But maybe if you are schizophrenic you can have 2 account.
  9. New Hardware & Funds

    Done, thanks for the job, for the future TBC server. Now it's time to open transfer from Elysium to Anathema/Darrowshire :)
  10. Really nice UP TIME !

    Can be a solution but now it's too late ! Most healthy and easy solution is to offer transfer from Elysium to Anathema and Darrowshire. But I think it's really hard to estimate how many players will transfer
  11. Make Flight Masters civilians

    Don't except something constructive when you are trying to destroy Vanilla experience :]
  12. Really nice UP TIME !

    I'm playing on Anathema and it's so much easier to make money than Elysium. Farming is super easy, price are higher yeah so more easy to by mount and all NPC related stuff. But at the end it's the same for the AH (higher price for selling and buying don't have a real impact). I was really pissed off because of the low pop but now for me it's really cool (3k would be perfect). I feel like on retail, I was used of Nostalrius and the high pop so I wine a lot about this low pop issue but now it's ok. More hard to find player during the lvling for sure but at the end when you find someone you directly add him to your friend list and start to play with him. Now it's a big wait&see :)
  13. Really nice UP TIME !

    It's now the time to find a solution. I don't know if it's only linked to the OVH server or just the core who can go over +7k ppl without loosing a lot of stability. At the end issue remain the same, Anathema will have Naxx released a few days. So they can't force players to move their characters on a realm with a different timeline. For sure let the people choose (and not only on Anathema but with Daro too sounds like a good idea. But with the TBC announcement I'm pretty sure they will offer something to Elysium players to transfer on Anathema.
  14. You ask for suggestion on this topic ? I don't have suggestion for the actual way to transfer all the Server on different timeline on TBC but maybe just open transfer from Ely to Anathema. At the end I'm just dreaming of this : Vanilla, BC, TLK servers and every 2 years merge all the realm on the same version together and open a fresh Vanilla again , and migrate the most recent Vanilla to BC, BC to TLK and like this forever. 6 realm, 3 old, 3 fresh and the story never end.
  15. TBC questions?

    Hi ! Don't be scared, it's not a transfer to TBC but a copy. So yes you char will be copied on a TBC server but still available on the Vanilla Server :) So at the end you can play both:)