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  1. Tronco

    Acceptable pally names

    While i was coming up for a name to my pally, I thought it would be fun to see people ideas. Im naming mine Holyfarts wbu?
  2. Tronco

    Looking for advice on elemental PvP

    No. Mail armor wont save you from melee if you fail to kite. Use whatever best stats you can get regardless of its armor type. First rule of elemental shaman, dont let melee touch you
  3. Reason given is "put an end to grievers". Killing flight masters only slow down leveling/questing, usually by levels 60 who like to gank low levels, or unable to grow a pair to engage players on the open world. lol ok
  4. Reason is given, read topic again
  5. Tronco

    What should I role?

    Dont know where you been playing then... since K2 all i see are PVE groups reserving specific stuff all day long
  6. Tronco

    Looking for advice on elemental PvP

    Priority for PVP is (stat wise) Hit cap>Spell damage>Stamina>Crit>Int>Mp5 Regardless of AC. Shield makes up for the AC lost. Professions, Engineery+mining, the one and only
  7. Tronco

    Shaman race question

    Warrior- If you let him melee you, you´re dead anyways. You should never be in range of Intimidation Rogue- Poison totem, Grounding totem, both eat blind. Use them properly. Then again, kite and keep Flame Shock up (or any damage debuff) Paladins- Thats gear related, the biggest mana pool wins (usually the pally)
  8. Tronco

    Shaman race question

    Basically Orc for PVP or enhance PVE Troll for the looks
  9. Tronco

    Is it too late to start?

    Never late man, jump in
  10. Tronco

    Faction concern for a newer player.

    Either side is good. Alliance is better for PVP. Despite the usual mindset, Horde are filled with carebear mentallity... Every area i walk into, there´s alliance groups ganking lonesome hordes. As soon as horde group up and fight back, youll get your ass handled by lvl 60 alliance group. Its not speculation, its pure experience. Alliance has bigger motivation towards world PVP and winner side because of pallies alone ( same applies to PVE but thats depends if you guild doesnt suck at PVE) On a sidenote, ALL russians play horde... and we all know how that works in PVP
  11. Tronco

    What should I role?

    Tank warrior will always be in more demand than Rets. You get to tiranize 5 mans by reserving stuff easily
  12. So constructive replies, keep em coming
  13. Put an end to grievers. Killing flight masters isnt PVP... flag them as dishonorable kills
  14. Tronco

    Random DCs while playing

    Im European, playing from Barcelona