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  1. Chedruid

    stuck at 4:3 resolutions

    If you use other monitors disable them and keep active only the one that you play wow. Restart the game and you might see @ the in-game options the resolutions and refresh rates your active monitor supports. After doing all that reactivate your other monitors.
  2. Hello. Taking a long shot, maybe someone will answer this here: Does anyone have or know an addon that can place a moveable 'health bar' on the UI? I just want that 'health bar' alone, without rage bars, buffs, debuffs or any other clutter. I already use xPerl - that option has been already covered. Any ideas of how to implement an extra bar are welcomed.
  3. Chedruid

    [Addon] Power Auras (vanilla)

    I'm considering to transfer some of my 'classic' -weak auras- to vanilla. I'll check this addon within the week. Thank you for sharing an updated link.
  4. Chedruid

    dishonorable kill

    That's the way dishonourable kills worked in classic. If someone in your party killed a civilian, you get the penalty too.
  5. Chedruid

    Servers down? 4/8/2019

    Servers are up again! Have fun~
  6. Chedruid

    Best plan for leveling together with a Druid healer?

    Before reading my post: Play whatever is FUN TO YOU! Specs, class combinations, items, professions, and other gameplay elements are subjective to you. I personally level up as protection warrior, which is clearly inefficient, but a source of great fun for me. With that out of the way I have a few pointers to make: 1) If your partner picks "Feline Swiftness" from feral talents, then she will move faster from you in the world. It may sound minor, but if you plan to play for XX amount of hours it will start to become tiresome to keep up with the increased speed for you and she will always have to wait for you. I advice you of not picking it if you can't handle your walking "potato" speed. 2) The problem with the druid class is that it doesn't increase your offensive abilities the way a shaman does (Wind Fury too OP for warriors). BUT when you pick Sweeping Strikes from your arms spec, you can make mass pulls, with healing back-up. Have in mind that Cleave procs Sweeping strike, which means you will be making 4 hits with one cleave! 3) Leader of The Pack (feral last talent [email protected]:40) give +3% critical chance, which is awesome for warriors. Consider it, as she can still make good off-heals,without going deep into the restoration tree. 4) I would advise against a warrior. Instead I would suggest a warlock-druid combo: You will got Hots for infinite life tap = infinite sustain, your pet can tank, you will have CC with roots and fears, you will be more secured in WPvP scenarios, different armor/weapon types you will need, strong buff synergy and wipe prevention abilities. I would suggest to check Kargoz guide to duo leveling if you want to research further: PS: Have fun!
  7. Both servers are great with a lot of active and friendly players, Nighthaven is fresh and Nethergade fully matured. Fresh server means more World-PvP, experience content before the release of BWL/ZG/big raids, etc. Old server has inflated market (which means you will have trouble buying things from AH while leveling, but you can sell your crafting materials and twink items for a lot) and you can join a raiding guild in order to acquire epic gear super fast. Wish you good luck and have have lot's of fun! A lot of us are excited for classic release, hopefully Blizzard i going to screw it!
  8. Chedruid

    Servers down? 4/8/2019

    I.. can't..take this... any more!
  9. Chedruid

    Servers down? 4/8/2019

    R.I.P. I need my w0w-drug dose.
  10. Chedruid

    Hacker or bored GM?

    I got in the past buggy models like this as well. It's rare but not impossible for the graphic models to distort.
  11. Chedruid

    Servers down? 4/8/2019

    + I can't log either. I tried to delete cashe and swap connections in vain. Anyone knows what's going on?