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  1. i can't play on elyseum,i can't play my toon from ZK too, the xfer is on going.so i stop playing.i stop loosing my time
  2. steph


    Back then during vanilla i was rogue rank 11, il was an amazing motherfucker...now i 'm getting old,i play shaman and i....heal. Even gankers become wise ;)
  3. To sum : 1 pvp 1 pve realms like nost project would have been perfect.Back then i wanted to play on nost pvp,but due to the mass population i choose nost pve with its 4,5 k players.A lot of other people did the same,the realm kept growing...these days are gone.I chose to take my shamy from ZK to ELY but i'm not convainced it will suit me.I'm not optimistic for the future of this project.
  4. the time for the merge is coming and i wonder if elyseum is the right choice...i'have a little 40 shamy on ZK who is looking for a new home... i'm casual because of irl but i used to play in vanilla from 2005 to 2010.Is darrowshire elitist horde side? or can i find a nice place?
  5. I miss the train cause i Rolled on ZK and now the server is going to be terminated. So i have the choice between an old server with a far timeline, a pve server with 30% horde (empty) and an overcrowded server...that's means every items or consumables needed for raid will be under mafia... So yes i'm lost (sry not english)
  6. darrowshire is empty horde side, i leveled up a warrior until 25 , i was up to tank but no party from wc... unable to do bfd or sfk so i gave up , i play my shaman on zk until merge, i think i 'll go on elyseum cause anathema has a timline too far, and i wait for crestfall for a fresh start cause i missed the train on elyseum project
  7. steph

    Elysium vs. Anathema?

    I tried anathema darrowshire elyseum and ZK.Each time I leveled a toon until 25-30. Il did it because il like vanilla and i wanted to choose best server. -Anathema very friendly but i understood i couldn't close the gap.When you see all these 60 with Incredible gear you just want to quit -Darroshire : empty,i was orc warrior able to tank but couldn't find a party.Lfg channel empty...very depressing -elyseum : full of ppl no issue for dungeons or quest.Have to be patient sometime to Kill mobs.Leveling some profession nearly impossible.Overcrowded -ZK empty. Good to level à toon and profession before the merge (without doing dungeons or elite quests) Should have simply leveled à toon on ZK before the merge. Hope this helps
  8. i love pvp (bgs and wpvp), never played on a pve realm. Elyseum is too overcrowded, the timeline is too far on anathema. I'm rather a casual regarding pve i used to play from 2006 to wolkt on retail :all 5 men dungeons (normal & elite) done and some raids as MC ZG( just before BC with my rank 11 geared toon) or wolkt ones , is there a place for players LIKE me on darrowshire? curently leveling a shaman on ZK.
  9. steph

    zk to darrowshire

    ZK is going to close, anathema has a timline too far, elyseum is overcrowded, darrowdhire empty, the only choice is to quit this project then ?
  10. steph

    This community is absolute cancer

    you play on elyseum right? quit it and go play on anathema or darrowshire, you'll find nice people. I used to play from 2005 to 2010 retail, i was on a bifg competitive realm, the athmosphere was the same you are describing, i find the solution by rerolling on a fresh RP/pvp realm in mid 2006 and my experience of the game fully changed.Ireally enjoyed wow from this moment.
  11. steph

    About the ZK Transfer

    Then i ll end up on anathema.or i'll quit wow vanilla
  12. steph

    About the ZK Transfer

    I always played on pvp server since 2005.I had good expectations for ZK but i was wrong.Now i have the choice between an overcrowded realm wich makes the game toxic, and a good old realm with a a lot of good players but timeline too far.I Will choose Darrowshire though...I 'll miss the thrill of wpvp but i want to enjoy the game now.timeline is still attractive on pve realm...
  13. steph

    About the ZK Transfer

    players from elyseum who are crying would be those who would stack items if the transfer was ELY to ZK! stop your so called elitism to justify your mafia buisness
  14. steph

    zk to darrowshire

    Are warriors in demand? I think for 5 men at least , but for raid and pvp?
  15. Who Wins BG on anathema ?
  16. steph

    zk to darrowshire

    Really? What do you think if ally would take down Thrall? They would be flagged pvp.Even on a pve realm you can world pvp for fun.But i 'm perhaps wrong but that's not the case on darrowshire, am i ?