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    Engineering 1 - 300 Updated 1x

    Still in the process of leveling, but overall a good starting point. A couple things: 125-145 Should probably just skill on Heavy Blasting Powder since you make 120 anyway. Also I only had to make 60 copper bolts to get 40-60, which changed what I made later on. Can't remember what I did instead though.
  2. naeth

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    Just tamed him on Elysium. 25 alli hunter. Was there basically all day with npcscan in the background at 15,30. Spawn times I saw 19:02 21:22 23:53(when I tamed him) @15,30. Waited about 2hrs when I first got on, afk'd 5m to grab food and someone got him in that time(19:02). NPCScan saw it too :X The guy was apparently waiting for a morbent group. Ouch. @65, 25. Next one my group member saw and was killed by an alli hunter named Odstrelovac. Who apparently said "ez kill" after. Nice. @15, 30. A 60 hunter actually started taming before me, not sure why his failed. I did delete my WDB folder before getting on for the record.