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  1. ProMeTheus112

    How are Druids in world pvp?

    imo Druid is one of the best class for wpvp, lots of utility (environmental) ways to run away stealth healing great at 1vs1 its not imba, not weak, strong against most classes can be sorta weak against warlock and shadow priest i think, depends on your spec, not easy to play but strong if you play well and many ways to do that pretty much any druid spec is good for wpvp
  2. ProMeTheus112

    Development Update 08.01.2018

    did you just change rip to deal more damage with more AP too, or was this already in before?? im confused now
  3. ProMeTheus112

    Development Update 08.01.2018

    Druid Rake will now scale with attack power. Travel Form is now forbidden in Booty Bay. that's not blizzlike? so, are some of the other changes not blizzlike, too?
  4. ProMeTheus112

    Important Project Update 03.11.2017

    dafuk, lemmings? lol cool game
  5. ProMeTheus112

    Important Project Update 03.11.2017

    and this I'm just gonna give my opinion, I think the economy of the game is well constructed, and I do not want to see it affected by transfers of characters that were not leveled on it and that didn't acquire their wealths by playing on it and bring that wealth and power to generate wealth on it I know blizzard did start making char transfers at some point, I think they saw this as a good opportunity to take more money lol anyway I don't think it's good for the server especially not on its first "fresh run" or "legit" lol so basically so long as this doesn't start happening I'm happy to play on it, after not so sure As a player, if I wanted to play on a different realm I feel like if I know that realm is good I'd be pretty happy for the opportunity cause I enjoy the game from lvl1. I think its interesting to level the same class again and build it different, there are so many ways and you likely will never have really tested everything for one or two classes even. So you know if you enjoy the game not just raids and BGs but also all the outdoors stuff, I think just make a new char on a realm you want to play on.. I think thats better for the game, for the realms integrity and economy and balance
  6. ProMeTheus112

    Important Project Update 03.11.2017

    also about the LH stuff its kinda obscure for players cause we can't really see all that's going on with the staff right when elysium shut down I was there and got the message and followed the information, I mean who had a clear idea what was going on at first I wondered if the server just got hacked lol. Immediately after learning about the gold gen stuff that made me want to start over because I just had a feeling the economy was rigged. It did bring imbalance to me and I just wanted to start on a new server. The data porting stuff, I just don't know what to think I mean did LH save something by grasping the full server away from who was doing the economy rigging in the staff? yes? should they have rather just opened their own new server? maybe, maybe they have been doing good job at providing a good place to keep playing for players of elysium
  7. ProMeTheus112

    Important Project Update 03.11.2017

    As a wpvp player I just want to say again, I hope nighthaven doesn't get overcrowded. Vanilla works best with caps around 2K or 3K especially on pvp (even for pve I'm sure this has perks). It's up to any staff who is able to run servers ofc whether they want to open any server, but if you opened a pve server that would bring a direct answer to population control while also accomodating those who don't want to be attacked or attack others by default in the world. wow classic pvp is pretty hard, and finely tuned. blizzard at the time thought to make two versions of this game for players who like to play a different style. Clearly playing your character optimized for killing monsters as efficiently as possible is just a very risky style on a pvp realm and even more so on more population (not blizzlike). Because it involves letting your health or mana drop a lot more than you can afford to without being at the mercy of the first opponent who comes around and chooses to attack you (which a wpvp player will probably do). So you know, at blizzlike pop this isn't such an issue because you can scout and predict opponents a lot easier tracking, monster corpses, etc, it becomes lot easier to evade and you can get a chance to use all your tools better before you would get to a situation where you have to lose and lose your buffs that you planned on etc. that said, I'm having good time on nighthaven, it's really good to have it, low "tech" (economy) makes balanced game its quite interesting how everything works out with the trading and all. I seem to come across bots quite often though, I wonder how many there are at a given time o_O I know its hard to please everyone, a server can be undercrowded or overcrowded, I think best to do is just open more than one server but I'm not doing that myself so I'm just suggesting thx for your work on classic servers its important that this game always has its place to live its the best mmo I know great wild pve/pvp stuff
  8. ProMeTheus112

    No Honor for Honorable Kills

    lol attacking opposing faction members is not being an ass, it's playing the pvp fighter/hunter game! if you don't want to die, you got to defend yourself! being an ass in pvp is more along the lines of attacking someone who has no chance to even run away from you even if they didn't get caught in a bad situation, so attacking greys for no reason that's being an ass but other than that... personally i attack people all the time, if they are green I would maybe neutral or I would make a soft attack and give them an extra chance to escape or something like that the thing that can happen is if a place is overcrowded, you can't escape anymore, these are the two main things that can get "broken" in wow : players can attack greys at will (though they will lose honor then), and players can't defend themselves in an overcrowded place due to CC etc (balanced by server caps and game incentive to go different places) honestly I think the rest of the game is pretty damn well balanced, even against the stealthed attacks there are ways to escape alive if you play well or when a orange or red attack you etc basically, I would argue if you are not making evasive or defensive manoeuvres when you encounter an ennemy player, you are giving them the chance to kill you (or you are placing yourself in a position where you could kill them), basically increasing the tension so I recommend as soon as you see someone if you don't want to fight them, show them by taking some distance maybe lol up to you that's what I actually do often before I attack -_-_- its damn fun game, the pvp game can't wait for honor points system so I have more incentive to start actively hunting for enemies in the wild, without it I tend to mostly go for pve objectives and only fight who is on my way whereas with honor I sometimes just look for possible preys -_- but anyway, I mean to say I think being an ass in pvp is insisting on shaming the other player who just lost for example, can be funny can feel bad, or the stuff like noob gankers with mega geared 60s going around killing as many greys as they can while spamming git gud all over forums that's bad behavior, there are other things you could call abuse but overall fighting outside is a lot of the fun in the game even if you don't get a reward for it. I'll give another example, say I'm farming some elementals and a horde comes around and waves and start killing another elemental. I could just accept it and be friendly about it, but if I choose to attack him I hope he doesn't take it personal, for me that's the game! The other day a priest that I did that to just stood in place as I was attacking him and /cry. He marked a pause for it too so he had no chance to survive unless he'd start making his evasive moves rly soon. So I let him be. But people who would /sigh me because I attack them, I finish that fight np lol. yet another example? if a green runs towards me like I wasn't there, I might throw faerie fire at him. If he doesn't react and runs up to me like he wants to just get past, maybe I shift into bear and start autoattacking. If he replies with attacks I'll start trying to kill him, if he makes evasives moves I'll play around and maybe let him leave or you know from there if they play well they will get away nicely I don't attack greens all the time, but when it happens it can make a fun fight cause they have a chance even to win if they have some other advantage (say they're near 100% mana and you around 50% mana), and sometimes another guy gets involved and it can be a 1vs2 or 2vs2 or whatever which even 1vs2 you might win, lose, stuff happens idk what to say fun stuff cause balance is good there is depth in the fights so long as no overcrowding and no grey vs skull, escaping and scouting is really part of that game, if you are good at it you can dodge attackers even if they have more levels, and maybe even punish them for trying too hard to catch you
  9. mmmh I don't have engi but I will try free action potion more thanks for tips
  10. hey I have a question related to this, what are the best ways of countering a rogue stunlock 100% combo attempt? it is maybe the most difficult scenario I have to deal with as druid sometimes so far my best would be to trinket out of first stun, immediately take major health potion needed?, then I get stunned again within few seconds? do I even have time to cast a spell after taking major health potion? should I not trinket out of stun immediately? is there a better thing to use asap after getting out of stun than a health potion? invulnerability potion??
  11. ProMeTheus112

    World pvp druid or paladin?

    I play Druid and I play almost "exclusively" world pvp, Druid is great at it. It has pros and cons compared to other classes, but can beat any class. The spec I'm playing is hybrid like 19/21/11 (balance/feral/resto) The hardest to beat imo is probably : * surviving a rogue who gets a invisible opening on you * warlocks : their shadow spells + fear seem to counter the druid the best * hunters : a lack of fast ranged damage for the druid makes it hard to get a good opening on hunters, you tend to get very vulnerable as soon as they get some ranged shot at you, you'll probably need to track them also running away from them can be hard or denied by currently the pets being able to track you even after you turn invisible the easiest to beat imo probably : * mages can get killed fast and have difficulty controlling you cause you can shapeshift out of their main control stuff, however I think mage vs druid is difficult to play but if mage player is good they can do lot of stuff and definitely can win. I think fire or arcane mage would be good vs druid but I rarely see? * warriors have difficulty against the control of druid, and when they get to offensive melee you do have your bear form, but again good warrior players will use different stuff and not so easy to beat at all. I guess these two classes lose easily when the player makes mistakes, but if not nice fight. the way the fights turn out with druid vs any class are often interesting and varied, it's rly fun to play, you have lot of options, also I'm sure its true for most classes but I have found that you can beat players with some of the big purple gear without having it yourself so that's great (gotta love vanilla its quite rly nicely balanced) you don't have to be feral to be good as druid in wpvp, though feral may be the most versatile (?), and probably the most efficient at killing a lot of monsters while hunting for pvp. But balance and resto and any hybrid specs clearly all have their edges against different things. I don't know much about pala since I never fight them, should do some duels oO' back in vanilla days I remember ppl dueling all the time in front of ironforge but on elysium I don't see that but the outdoors pvp is the best I have experienced I think, great stuff. Well probably in vanilla days of blizzard, the outdoors pvp might have been better at lower levels, because with less crowding I think its definitely better for low level pvp. But at high/max level the crowding on elysium is pretty ace. (never experienced max level in vanilla blizz days had not enough time for wow) if you have any question about wpvp druid i can try answer^^ oh and if you make a druid I recommend chosing your spec yourself with some freedom because a lot is possible and viable for wpvp I think, many different edges you can pick, I maybe wanna write smtg about my opinion on talents cause I looked at them a lot lawl
  12. ProMeTheus112

    Welcome, Crestfall!

    offering transfers to a TBC realm seems like perfect solution, so those who want to keep playing vanilla can do that and others who want to go TBC from their vanilla chars can do that.
  13. ProMeTheus112

    Welcome, Crestfall!

    it doesn't matter that there is a new server, there were tons of vanilla servers back in the day there is enough vanilla players population for two servers @ _ @ it just stabilizes with where people will want to play, but haven't they come for vanilla? dont just boat me by force to the outlands, I don't want to go there, you know? oops, everybody went, now I'm almost alone, time to leave
  14. ProMeTheus112

    Welcome, Crestfall!

    Ok, I get it that people have different expectations and wants, but let's just consider everything because it might also be that there are a lot less characters that are maxed out and bored with players who don't even want to reroll than characters and players ready to pour in 1000s of hours. It's like the tax thing when you want to tax the rich, there are a few rich, some of them are like I go away to another country, but for most people its good. Is everybody maxed out on Elysium?? Are there not a lot of players enjoying the game from level 1 to 60 right now?? are you saying there are more maxed out than not? if you get into this situation, the server is already dead, it means the maxed out players don't want to reroll and no new players are coming in. Why do people come to private servers, to play TBC or vanilla? I came for vanilla
  15. ProMeTheus112

    Welcome, Crestfall!

    I don't have to believe your word for it. Have you done some polling?