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  1. Greetings, I am a humble mage, I have seen a lot, I see a division. The Alliance lacks numbers, so we need UNITY, only together are we strong. I call all Guildmasters from all guilds who will not shy from war, but will face it, with speed, precision and overwhelming numbers. Levels matter not, just the will to fight. We will fight them on the beaches.. we will fight them in their streets.. we will never surrender! Mail me in game at Deezboltz if you wish to see the alliance dominate the world PVP on Elysium. I do this for 2 reasons; 1: Bring the alliance together into a better team on a whole, rather than a guild / friend basis. 2: Show those retail players what true Warcraft is about. Deezboltz out Thank you Elysium Project <3
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    <ReKtUm> (United Kingdom) | Objectives (World PvP Domination) | Raid Schedule + Time Zone - War never stops | Recruitment Message - Recruiting all for the mighty blitzkrieg! |