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  1. Whitewolf

    So, what would you give?

    To have this: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?spell=10333 I would take a 1000% experience penalty, losing Seal of Righteousness, and no longer being able to bubble below 35% hp. What about you?
  2. Whitewolf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    You are assuming it is a private server without anything to back it up. A video is harder evidence than a comment on thottbot. If it is as you say it should be even easier to find video evidence contradicting the video i posted. You seem very fixated that there wasn't any one else visible in 2 small areas of fairly low traffic on a server that has a capacity of some where around 2000 or less where the running time of visible area was less than 2 and a half minutes. You seem to think that the population density should be that some one has something to say in general chat or is visible at least once every minute. This isn't the Barrens where you have 30 levels of content.
  3. Whitewolf

    Bonereaver's Edge and SoCru

    Good luck, SotC is good, but in pvp you should be trying to weave in and out of range of your melee opponents to maximize damage and try reducing damage as well. SoC makes it easier and more effective. You could also use rank one SoC > SoR Seal twist for extra damage and proc chances.
  4. Whitewolf

    Theloras' Retribution Guide

    That would be bad advice. It does more dps while leveling than SoR/JoR without SotC debuff. And if you have a weapon of 3.3 or faster SoC loses out too because the loss of top end damage and the reduction of proc chance, but if you like to judge then you can get away with it. It just won't be a really noticeable difference in average kill time. As an added bonus, it reduces the amount of mana you use in a fight because you aren't judging. Once you reach level 34, swapping talents for 5/5 reckoning will be your golden ticket for quick kill times and increased survivability when using S/JoL/W. Just try to stay out of water if you can...
  5. Whitewolf

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Can't afford to powershift? Can a rogue afford to use vanish/blind/preperation to kill or control instead of for survival? It's the same concept, using resources to achieve a goal. Those items that use the helm slot are on extremely long cooldowns so you aren't going to be using them all the time so there is plenty of time where having them equipped is a liability. Not using binds to switch outfits and items when you can use them is on you not the class. Roots don't have to be disablers. Blind has a long cooldown, gouge has positioning requirement, and kick requires timing, kidney shot is easily trinketed, and crippling poison is easily abolished with a nearby druid or shaman. The strongest ability a rogue can possess is Preperation because it is the one thing that can't be countered. The link clearly shows me dps for rogues and hps for druids. I even provided an attachment photo. I already said feral charge is 3 abilities in one. It would be broken If you could use it on demand. Seeing how you think a feral druid is worthless, you probably never ranked your druid as feral because druids can only heal and carry flags.
  6. Whitewolf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    First of all, he was using a 2.20 speed weapon. It would never reach 4 damage, ever, because the damage doesn't fluctuate or scale with weapon speed like that. Second, if you read the comments you would realize it was a running gag that Hogger was so tough he required a full raid. In fact the very first commentator said, " this was definitley a private server, a 40 man raid could never stop hogger, obviously gm powers." This comment definitely sets the tone for all the comments. Third, It is a really well put together server he was playing on. Having tried a few servers back in the day, the fact that his abilities all worked and the npcs were properly placed with patrol patterns means it would have been top of the line and almost unheard of, at least of what was publicly hosted that I could find. Fourth, The group chat is easily explained away. Servers had time zones, 50 something servers, and a lot of times, especially on low pop servers, you had dead times for zone chat. The whole of the video is only 3 min. You get that kind of dead time on elysium even with 8000+ players online. Fifth, for a paladin there wasn't a need to fake the achievement. I killed him at level 9 also the first time after getting raped after pulling another gnoll and dying after unknowingly aggroing him.
  7. Whitewolf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    He does math. And Flametongue weapon is a completely different spell. Is this the video you are talking about? Posted Jun 12, 2006. Shows the scaling of Righteousness accurately. If it were 10% it would be doing 5 damage instead of the 6-7 damage. If it were rank 2, 10% would be accurate. However rank 2 is only gained at level 10 not 9. Not only that, the Judgement is receiving the bonus to bring it to 25 damage which is accurate for rank 1.
  8. Whitewolf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    A long time ago, they changed it on this server because they found video evidence that the spell damage bonus did indeed scale with weapon speed. So a 3.8 speed weapon would receive .4104 of your spell damage per swing.
  9. Whitewolf

    Weapon Proc and Seal of Righteousness?

    If it has a duration or says the damage has a type like "shadow damage" then it doesn't qualify.
  10. Whitewolf

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Dude, it's comparing rogues to healers..... on the rogues column it says DPS, but on the druid side it says HPS. Of course you don't have to explain what Wolfshead helm is. I've been mentioning powershifting in the post you quoted. You should know that mana spring totem is a thing horde side. The real winner for powershifting is Judgement of wisdom when it is allowed to be used. If you want to burn you burn. Why can't Wolfshead helm be used in pvp? I don't get this CC problem you are referring to. Roots are cc and druids can do it on demand unlike a rogue's kidney shot and cheap shot. To interrupt you have feral charge, it's not a kick but it serves purposes in triplet.
  11. Whitewolf

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    You are right of course. Rogue is better at doing the one thing it does. But this is the basis for the argument: Obviously he is mistaken. Druid damage can be very similar in burst potential. Tiger's Fury to ravage, powershifting to a shred shred, and powershifting to a ferocious bite. Done right, you can get the ravages and shreds within the tiger's fury. Or if you want control instead of just damage you have pounce, rake, rip shift to bear for stun or charge or both. Rogues get ambush > eviscerate then wait 6 seconds for a backstab. I guess you can down a thistle tea at this point if you want. But that would be a ton of thistle teas every hour.
  12. Whitewolf

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Your zealousness precedes you. I'm sure your rogue is way better at healing, curing and abolishing curses, and blah blah blah. Yes, the Rogue has a better rogue toolkit, but the druid has a better group toolkit and is equally capable of applying pressure and although not as adept at locking down a target, can easily peel for a target to get away. And congrats on the rank 13 druid, you must have been a real help to your group if all you did better than your rogue is carrying a flag.
  13. Whitewolf

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Implying that you get 3 backstabs so easily on a druid of a matching skill level implies you prefer to gank targets on unequal footing which could be reversed on you. If you are expecting being pounded on relentlessly why wouldn't you equip some tank gear as survival is king in pvp. I guess you haven't fought a cat that knows what they should be doing.
  14. Whitewolf

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Casters. Have you backstabbed a fully geared feral druid in bear form? 2k to only 1400 damage combo (crit) on a character with 6-7k health
  15. Whitewolf

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Diverse? 2 stuns, gouge, blind. Cheap shot to backstab is 100 energy. at most within those 4 seconds you will regen 40 energy. You kidney shot for 25 energy leaving you with 15. over those 6 sec. you regen 60 -80 energy. Just enough to gouge. 15-35 energy. At this point if you thistle tea earlier you would get your third BS. The problem? A trinket pop for the kidney shot to FF the rogue and the rogue cant reset to an opener anymore. Sure the rogue can maybe get 30 secs of being untouchable and sprint uptime, but the druid gets 60-70% armor plus barkskin and frenzied regeneration. I never played rogue in vanilla but in TBC faerie fire disables the rogues ability to even activate vanish. Whether vanish being usable during faerie fire is a bug I don't know. Either way it is news to me.