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  1. Dollywog

    [A] — EU | <Return> is recruiting!

    Push. We are currently 35mins MC, 89mins BWL. Currently have at least one core spot for all classes, particularly need fury warriors, mages, warlocks.
  2. Dollywog

    [Guide] 2FA (mostly?) iOS fix

    Tried your Android fix, I now have 2 different Authenticators set up giving me the same rotating codes - Still constantly can't log in to game server. Authentication codes work perfectly fine logging in to Elysium Control Panel website
  3. Dollywog

    [A] — EU | <Return> is recruiting!

    Bump. Currently DEing a lot of gear in MC, contact me / Rakez / Sly / Trinus in game if you want to get your hands on it instead. 60 minute runs. At least one core spot available for all roles.
  4. Dollywog

    Streva - Player Griefing

    Whilst I feel bad for Shayathel, the argument that the Tarnished Elvish Ring is not suitable for a tank is quite stupid as it provides excellent stats for a tank ring for threat generation and mitigation too. Therefore I don't really accept Vod and Wrathran saying that "tank shouldn't be rolling on it anyway", it definitely fits within the realms of a MS roll not an OS roll. Believe it or not Band of Accuria is actually BiS for tanking TPS this patch ! Unfortunately, it makes it hard to believe what you're saying based on your side of the story alone because ultimately, their screenshot is pretty damning and you shouldn't have taken it. Also, you can see on your realmplayers that you also own the Counterattack Loadstone that same day, which would also suggest you took it to further spite them. If its any consolation these things usually blow over eventually, and clearly you care about your reputation so I am sure you will earn it back now by NOT 'ninjaing' loot in future.
  5. Dollywog

    [A] — EU | <Return> is recruiting!

    Bump. We are still actively recruiting to round off our roster currently - particularly looking for holy paladins and priests! Contact Sly, Dollywog, Trinus, Rakez or Kyudo in game for more information.
  6. Yeh, you've definitely got a point that it opens up a whole lot of problems in itself by trying to manually correct the situation I can appreciate that.
  7. Not really Hurricane, this is an incredibly small-minded view in an RNG loot game like vanilla WoW. You can log on to run an instance for say that Cadaverous Armor everyday after work for the last 3 weeks with no luck. But if that item dropped today and you lost it then it certainly feels a lot worse than "7 hours is 7 hours" - it could mean 3 more weeks of grinding Scholomance!
  8. Thank you to Hamblin for clarifying this was an option. I don't know exactly what kind of work this entails but I would welcome criticism of my hypothetical scenario: Lets say 5-6k were playing during this 3 minutes. Ignore all the people sitting outside Ironforge/Orgrimmar Auction House roleplaying, and all capital cities in general (feels like everyone tbh). Ignore all the players in battlegrounds. Ignore all the players who weren't in the location of the affected mobs (but if it was all mobs that leaves like 1-2k players left or maybe a lot less) So now you've got max 2k logs you have to go through, split it up between a dozen willing staff and thats 100-200 logs each. Don't you just scroll to the time slot 18:39-42 and check for any crazy dealings? If so, ban player, if not move on. This could take a dedicated team a couple hours give or take, but damn would you have been saints for doing it. All I know is you identified 54 players, which already suggests you kind of know the culprits already, so why was this done? I might have no idea what I'm talking about and I genuinely would welcome anyone to explain what I'm missing here.
  9. The project is now open source, Elysium devs appear to be welcoming outside help with each upcoming development update. I'm sure there are plenty of people who could volunteer to read through logs to determine the incorrect loot distributed during this 184 seconds if it meant saving thousands of players up to 7 hours of time each (and in many cases more if an insanely rare item had dropped for you which is worth more than "7 hours") I agree with you that the devs alone shouldn't have to give up their time to sort this all out the hard way, but I think the decision made is rash. They've even said they have identified 54 players who have benefitted from the exploit, and they know the timeframe the mobs were bugged - I think a better explanation of why this couldn't be resolved involving these players alone is warranted.
  10. 100% this . How can they come to this crazy conclusion that because some players benefit from 184 seconds of loot/exp exploit - the ENTIRE server population has to suffer 7 hours lost ? It doesn't even affect me massively but you know there will be some people today (who may not be that necessarily vocal on the forums) who finally got lucky looting an Edgemaster's. Please re-consider, once again HUGE decisions made with no community discussion beforehand.
  11. Dollywog

    [A] — EU | <Return> is recruiting!

    Bump! We have spots available for all classes at the moment. Contact Sly, Dollywog, Rakez or Kyudo in-game or comment in this thread for more information
  12. On Elysium PvP you still can't search for gear based on the stat suffixes "of the Monkey/Wolf" etc Strangely, typing in ,"of the", comes up with loads of different rare/uncommon items which have those words in but just not the <random enchantment> greens you often find while levelling. They will show up if you just search for armor or weapons in general, but just muddled in with the other search results. Anyone know why this is? I was disappointed to see the auction house can't be searched for these despite the recent patch. (It doesn't work for me with Auctioneer/Aux or all addons disabled so assumed server side)
  13. Dollywog

    About the ZK Transfer

    Agree totally. I made a post on the reddit yesterday highlighting this issue and the general hypocrisy from the ZK players in just wanting whatever suits them best with no thought to our server's community and economy. I think more Elysium players would speak up about it if they knew the potentially terrible economy crash even one small guild could cause. @Wrathran It doesn't take a genius to appreciate that an average of 2 people farming in a zone on ZK for Black Lotus are gonna have a lot more stockpiled up than 10 people competing on average in a zone on Elysium. In short, we have seen them straight up delete items before such as the Dark Iron Residues last patch - they could do that again with a list of high value consumables and let them keep say a hard cap of 1000g per account. I think the real reason they won't do this however is because it would be too much effort to implement so we just suffer instead.