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  1. If your concern is being able to quest, then you are actually better off on Anathema than Elysium. Anathema has a Blizzlike population, whereas Elysium has a significantly higher population than the world was designed for. You will certainly be able to get dungeon groups more easily on Elysium, but questing will be tough because there will be too much contention for the mobs that you need to kill in order to complete your quest. Item collection quests, in particular, can sometimes be so ridiculously over-camped that you will get more exp per hour if you just go find some quiet place to grind. I personally find it very difficult to enjoy the game pre-60 on servers like Elysium.
  2. Artamiel

    Holy PvP Spec tree

    Doesn't really matter. You're just going to get counterspelled and then instagibbed by some casters anyway.
  3. Artamiel

    Holy Paladins in Leveling, Groups and Vanilla

    I leveled Ret and I had no issues getting groups for dungeons. Before like level 50, I don't recall ever being given a hard time about joining a group as dps. However, I did keep a set of healing gear on the side, and I would often join groups as a healer as well. While leveling up, you won't really notice much of a difference between healing as Holy and as Ret. You won't really have much crit or +healing regardless, so the benefits from the Holy talents aren't very pronounced. Honestly, even at level 60, being more than 20 points into Holy is somewhat overrated.
  4. Artamiel

    Ret in dungeons

    As was previously stated before the thread got derailed, you probably won't have a hard time getting into groups as DPS until you start farming pre-BiS. However, an issue that you probably *will* run into is that you get into a group as DPS, and then your group winds up unable to find heals, so you get stuck doing it anyway. That being said, it's a good idea to try to keep a decent healing set on the side.
  5. Artamiel

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    If you guys are going to take away group queueing for Battlegrounds, at least allow us to start queueing for multiple Battlegrounds at the same time please. I always thought that it was really stupid to disable that to begin with. Taking away multi-queueing is probably what killed pvp from the start.