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  1. /script SpellStopCasting() /cast Feign Death After the first or second time I use it, the macro stops working. Feign death comes off cooldown, and feign death will not cast.
  2. Fibber

    Best way to level up a pet?

    I had a guild mate who did some time on GM island for putting his pet on agressive and afk so he could grind faction rep. It is considered automation. Side-note: Pet on agressive mode is very rarely useful. The only time I have ever used it is when I know the exact spawn location of a mob (like a devilsaur) and want my pet to agro it before I can see it. I suppose it could be used for guarding a flag in AB, but then you're not attacking at the ideal time of your choosing. Maybe killing low level mobs you could agressive pet and chase it around looting things, but that's just silly.
  3. Fibber

    taming elites vs normal beasts.

    List of wind serpents with known inferior stats: (you should NOT be using). If your pet's exact name doesn't appear on the list, then it's probably fine. Thunderhawk Hatchling Thunderhawk Cloudscraper Greater Thunderhawk Hakkar'i Sapper Azzere the Skyblade Cloud Serpent Elder Cloud Serpent Hakkar'i Frostwing Other bad pets: Lady Sathrah (spider) Krethis Shadowspinner (spider) Fire Roc (carrion bird)
  4. I cba to find it, but there was a post in the hunter forums from an admin saying it was not allowed and people should report it.
  5. Fibber

    Hunter per at low level

    At low levels, any cat or raptor is best, because they do the most damage. Owls are also pretty good. If you're BM, you will get frenzy talent at level 35. You'll want to switch to a fast attack speed pet, so frenzy procs more often. You can get a starving mountain lion at 23-24, needles cougar at 26-27, or a swamp jaguar at 36-37. They are identical in terms of dps. If you're leveling marksmanship, many hunters choose a boar, because they open with a charge stun and a big first hit, which helps them hold opening agro better. Boars are also more tanky. Marksman hunters also like wolves for furious howl. For pvp, boars do well for marksmanship. You can time the charge stun to land right when your aim shot fires. Its a great opener. If you're BM, stick with your fast attacking cat so they pushback enemy spell casting. Choose a pet that can learn dash, or dive, or charge so they can get on your pvp target faster. Truly, you can't go wrong choosing a pet at low levels. Biggest mistakes are the easy ones, like feeding them and teaching them to growl.
  6. Fibber

    Ghost Saber - Hunters pet

    I've seen a couple of hunters running around with one. So it does exist. I have heard it takes a lot of effort to get it to spawn though.
  7. Fibber

    Best way to level up a pet?

    People get put in a box on GM island for doing that.
  8. Fibber

    Best way to level up a pet?

  9. Fibber

    Hunter leveling BiS weapons

    Lupos + Worn Shortbow. All the way to 60. kek
  10. Fibber

    PVP & Lupos

    Good senses. BM is the easiest, strongest spec for leveling, and all the dungeons. Don't respec until your raid class lead twists your arm. Molten core destroys pets.
  11. Fibber

    Mara Farming Pet

    Thats an excellent point, and I never thought about it. I just thought, well she's the hardest boss so lets rapid fire on her. After countless mara clears, I decided to waste some money on "of healing" gear. I shopped around for cheap stuff, and got exactly 300+ healing for around 75g. gloves / belt / pants / offhand / wrist / cloak / shoulders / head. A lot of stuff is over priced. I didn't buy anything for more than 10g. It makes mend pet heal for 304 per tick instead of 245. It doesn't seem like a whole lot, but I stopped using intimidation on croc just to see how much my pet could survive. My pet had 10 stacks of bleed on him and survived the encounter. As for princess, there is no risk of ever going oom. If you get kicked, who cares. She can kick me as much as she wants. bonus healing is a big difference.
  12. Fibber

    Mara Farming Pet

    Yea sometimes she throws so many rocks you have to bandage yourself lol. But when she never throws rock, is when its most annoying for me. I let my pet get down to 20% health and then (alright cant wait any longer) mend pet. BAM she rocks me. /middle finger princess. The only mostly reliable rock is the first one. She almost always throws it about 2 globals into the fight. Thats why I hold the rapid fire for a couple seconds.
  13. Fibber

    Mara Farming Pet

    You don't need gear to kill croc and princess. I did zero dungeons while leveling up, and as soon as my pet was 60 I went to maraudon. Most hunters do kite princess, but it is not required. In fact if you learn how to tank her, which you can do even in the worst gear, it is faster because the pet will be able to do damage. I position my pet in the same place every time. Let princess agro the pet before you press pet attack. Pet should never move unless it gets feared. wait for her to throw the first rock then use your cooldowns. After that, all you're doing is auto shot and heal pet. nothing else. Try to cast heal pet immediately after a rock throw. If she doesn't throw it, and pet is getting low, try to cast when she begins her cloud. She sometimes throws a rock while in the AOE phase, so sometimes you're going to get your heal kicked. for me, if she kicks my heal twice, which sometimes happens. I know I wont have mana to heal pet through the whole thing, and I switch to kiting. This does not happen often to me anymore. For croc, its a little RNG, but overall its easier than princess. It is very rare that I fail to kill croc. He drops a 4g axe so you do not want to skip him. You need a UI that can see the number of bleed stacks on your pet. When croc has 4 or 5 bleeds on your pet, count 2 or 3 auto shots, then intimidate. This often forces the stacks to drop. If by some miracle your pet cannot drop stacks, it will die, you feign death. then reset. Because you can't drink in the water its best to just move on.
  14. Same for mining nodes. It is impossible on a low pop realm to get arcane crystals. I don't know what it's like on Elysium server, but on Zeth, if you want to mine rich thorium, your mining circuit is the entire continent because spawn rates are over an hour.
  15. Fibber

    Weird Hunter Stuff

    WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING THE PET >.> Even if he is exploiting, which I very much doubt... YOU CAN JUST KILL THE HUNTER. If you've played a hunter before, then why do you think its important to kill his pet. The only thing you should be doing is... FIND THE HUNTER I hate to pile on here... but ....