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    [A] <SORRY> [NA] 9/9 AQ40 Recruiting! 8:00 EST

    Bump, updated with new recruitment needs. 9/9 AQ40, 6/6 AQ20.
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    [A] <SORRY> [NA] 9/9 AQ40 Recruiting! 8:00 EST

    Bump, edited with new needs!
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    Nostalrius PVP, Raiding Guild Repository

    <SORRY> Wed/Thurs (8:00 EST-11:00 EST/ 2:00-5:00 Server), [A][NA]
  4. <SORRY> is a North American based raiding guild that has raided on Nostalrius, Kronos, and now Anathema. Our guild has successfully killed all raid content on every server we’ve played on with a pretty laid-back atmosphere. As of now we’re looking to expand our numbers with AQ on the horizon. Raid times are Wednesday/Thursday starting at 8PM EST, or 2AM Server Time. Our guild raids AQ40 on Wednesday and BWL/MC/Onyxia on Thursday. ZG/AQ20 will be ran throughout the week. What we look for in our members: Someone with knowledge of their class (The correct rotation, what consumables are best used, how to manage cooldowns, etc.) Someone who can handle constructive (and maybe not-so constructive) criticism, and someone who is able to take a joke. Someone who is willing to show up to raids and give advanced warning if you won't be able to attend. What we expect in a raid environment: Play your character to the best of your ability, if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask them. The 39 other people in the raid would like to finish content in a timely manner so everyone needs to be hitting their buttons proficiently. Be buffed (multiple tributes are cleared before raid time) and have consumables ready to use so our raids go as quick and smoothly as possible. CURRENTLY RECRUITING: Holy Paladins 1 Warlock We’re also looking for DPS who can compete with the other raid members. Don't worry about what kind of gear you have if you're confident in your ability to perform and attend raids. If interested please whisper Lifehacks, Ahlaundoh, or Usanumberone. Please don’t whisper Dervin because he’s an imbecile and will give you incorrect information. Or you can apply at http://sorry-nost.shivtr.com/