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  1. Nonserviam

    (H) WTB Wand with shadow damage

    hello i am interested in buying a wand with + shadow spell damage (at least 15 - ideally 18/20) and i am paying good. i am in horde but can also buy it through neutral ah from alliance side. leave a note with a name and faction and i'll contact u with a w/s or a mail
  2. hello guys, i am playing on this server horde side, and got a fresh lvl 60. it's nice there aren't many groups but i can find groups most of the time for dung's / raids and the community is really good and ppl know what to do in dung's etc i have never been in a grp that was wiping or disbanding or dc'ing or ninja or whatever else. i am gonna roll a new alt and was thinking if i'd stay horde or have a char on alliance side too. how is alliance comparing to what i've said about horde? i mainly care for pve, dung's and raids and i 'd mainly like the opinions from ppl that play both sides and got the full picture but any opinion is ofc welcome. tyvm for your time and your help:)
  3. Nonserviam

    mage tailoring and bloodvine set bonus

    hello guys, i am planning to roll a mage and i am thinking if i'd pick tailoring or not. i already got a lock with 300 tailoring so the only reason i can think of to level tailoring to 300 again on my mage is the bloodvine set bonus. so the question is simple, i know that bloodvine set is bis pre-raid but by which items it is being replaced ? is it mc / bwl gear or aq/naxx? even if the bloodvine set is replaced in aq/naxx which would make it kinda good is the set bonus so good to farm tailoring up to 300 again (i'd rly like to avoid it). i am playing on darrowshire pve btw just saying so you can understand at which content i play. tyvm for your time and your answers:)
  4. hello guys i am soon going to ding 60 on my warlock and i can afford the bloodvine set but my tailoring is a bit behind. if i equip the set before my tailoring is 300 and after the equip i do ding 300 tailoring will the set bonus be enabled then or it have to be 300 tailoring on equip to get the extra bonus? i know it's not a general discussion for server but as long as i played here i thought that there may be a specific bug or something like that, that may change things. tyvm for your time and your answers:)
  5. Nonserviam

    is mining worth it?

    hey guys i am going to roll a new char as an alt. i am playing on darrowshire pve and i'll pick herbalism for the extra gold. i am also thinking that i can pick a second gathering skill and that it should be mining, but is it actually worth it or i'll end up vendoring most of the stuff i mine / losing my time ? in that case it'd be prolly be wiser to roll only with 1 prof? ty for info and for your time:)
  6. Nonserviam

    lock - mage profs

    nice thank u very much guys! you both helped a lot :) appreciate the info
  7. Nonserviam

    lock - mage profs

    hello guys i am playing on darrowshire, pve realm, i got a lock around 40 and i am leveling tailoring. i am thinking that i'd use a gathering proffesion too for profit, either herbalism or mining. what is more profitable? what is easier/harder - worth more to have? is one of 'em going to help me farm mats for the epic mount? i am also going to level a mage as an alt and i was thinking which profs i'd pick. will i need tailoring on the mage, like i am going to craft a bop bis item at 60 or use 300 tailoring on bloodvine set or something like that or i can just use my lock's tailoring to gear my mage? if it's tailoring is not going to be useful, is alchemy any useful / profitable or i'd just go for two gathering proffesions? tyvm for your help and your time
  8. Nonserviam

    mage and decurse

    hello guys, at lvl 60 in raid environment will i have to use my dispells/decurse instead of dps'ing ? and if i'll have to will that be in many fights etc or just in few? i am thinking of rolling a mage but can't decide. tyvm:)
  9. Nonserviam

    mage or lock

    hello i am new to this server i am planning to roll either a mage or a lock but i can't decide which. at 60 they both seem spam bolt style with nothing extra but overall is there any hidden thing to do in raids or in general that i don't see or is a class more wanted from guilds/raids than the other? i am also going to roll horde but i ain't 100% sure yet, any advice on which faction? tyvm for your time
  10. Nonserviam

    mage or lock

    hello i am new to this server and i can't decide which class to roll. i am going for the pve realm, i am thinking of horde but not 100% sure yet and i can't decide between mage and lock. at 60 they both seem the same spam bolt style but overall is there anything else that should make a class better than the other or even more wanted by the guilds and ppl etc? thx for your time