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  1. I understand sometimes its not necessary, and sometimes people just want all the XP for themselves, but seriously, there are times it would be incredibly beneficial to EVERYONE if they grouped for a quest and they still won't. Today I was in felwood trying to kill those entropic beasts. There's literally 100 other people around, none of them in groups, all fighting in this tiny area trying to get the kills, and NO ONE is willing group up to make this go a little faster. Are they all chinese and can't understand, or am I missing some other point?
  2. DrFaroohk

    Fishing and Zones

    Hello all! So I know different zones offer different fish. And I'm pretty sure ocean has different fish than rivers and lakes. What else makes a difference? Does the specific body of water in a zone matter? This river vs. that pond? How about the river that's connected to the ocean, will that bring ocean fish? Or specific spots in a body of water? Maybe over there by the tree has better fish than the other spots? Do the sub-zones matter at all?
  3. So i started a new warlock for the heck of it and discovered I couldn't /yell. For my other characters on elysium, /yell was the only way to chat until level 10 or so. Now I can't even yell. Even at level 10 it says too low level. I can /say, talk in General, Trade, Guild and Party chat, but no /yell. And I noticed at one point someone I was questing with could /say, even though I still could not. Did I miss something?
  4. DrFaroohk

    Stuck - please help!

    As I was on the boat leaving STV and heading for Ratchet, I somehow became stuck. I'm not in any particular zone. I can't hearth, die, log out, teleport, anything to get out. I've opened up a ticket in game as well, but that was last night so I figured I'd come here....pretty sure it's just a matter of a GM maybe teleporting me or something (whatever powers they have!) Edit: I got out, seems the only way is to find a warlock to summon you.
  5. With no warning? that seems odd...what if someone genuinely didn't know it was a bug?
  6. DrFaroohk

    Questions about the rules

    It does, thank you. I'm a little sad, one of my favorite things to do on another server was to gank people, and then alt-tab over to my other character so i could see them complaining about it lol....
  7. Howdy all! Still fairly new here, but I had a couple questions about the rules and policies of Elysium. First, i noticed some mention of multiboxing. Am I understanding correctly that you can ONLY "multibox" for trading purposes like the goblin AH and whatnot? Second; killing important quest npc's. Is that just for quest givers and whatnot? What about escorts?
  8. Hello all! First time poster here. I've only noticed this in the undead starting zone, and it's entirely possible my memory is shot. I did a search but didn't find anything. Has anyone noticed that some of the NPC's are in the wrong spots? And if so...why are they? Glitch? Was it deliberate? It's not a big deal or anything but I was really really curious for some reason.