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    Rdrood wpvp

    As I said I recorded and made this in a day. So I attacked what ever that ran near me :) So this video is not about skill or something, I just made it for fun. "A lot of the horde players were simply awful." - Agree, but its hard to find a good horde player these days that can 1vs1. Maybe if I make another video I can use more time and find better players. #Resto strongest 1vs1 spec ;)
  2. friisbee

    Rdrood wpvp

    Thanks man :) Yeah, he didn't play his cards right ;)
  3. Just recorded and made this vid in a day. Enjoe :)
  4. wrong wrong and wrong :) He use: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0zL0bZxGMoZVE0oeq0o I use it myself
  5. Instead of rolling for the staff, Dreamcast ninja it and says "its for mage ;)" What a joke. http://imgur.com/frG1058