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  1. Okey so i thought i wanna do world pvp while leveling up and doing instances etc. Im gonna go normally combat till level 40 and then re-spec to https://classicdb.ch/?talent#fZhbVZxMjoMh0o after that level it up till https://classicdb.ch/?talent#fhe0oZhbVbbZxMjochRo and re-spec again at level 60 What do you think ? I dont mind if my leveling slows down and i wont be using daggers. I could put those dodge talents to improved sinister strike if thats somehow more viable in pve ? Im not that good rogue but i find combat boring and i dont really feel like rogue so i thought is this hybrid build viable ? i wanna have fun while leveling and dont mind if its slower. I just want to know is this viable in any way ? Sry bad english
  2. OverDruze

    Can connect only to nighthaven

    All right seems they cant restore my character wich really sucks and im not up for leveling again so i guess ill just wait for the legacy servers. Sucks fucking big time though
  3. OverDruze

    Can connect only to nighthaven

    I can give info about my account and character
  4. OverDruze

    Can connect only to nighthaven

    Can i somehow get my character back ? Not really into doing the grind all again
  5. OverDruze

    Can connect only to nighthaven

    Hello I have like level 40 orc or something on elysiym but all it shows to me is nighthaven realm ?? what can i do ?
  6. OverDruze


    Please make every player that likes to roleplay a happy mofo by opening a rp/pvp server.
  7. OverDruze

    RP Guild on elysium - Horde

    Greetings everyone. I have 34 orc warrior on elysium and was wondering is there any active RP guilds ?
  8. OverDruze

    Orc vs. Troll warrior

    Thanks for the answers !
  9. OverDruze

    Orc vs. Troll warrior

    I was surfing the internet and couldn't find any viable information on this. Only PVE. If you don't give orc axes so that they wont benefit from the weapon racial. (Heard lots of endgame weapons are swords etc?) Which one tops the dps meters ? If it was like bloodrage versus berserking ? Also if you give an orc axe and troll a sword which you've gotten from endgame dungeons which one would come out top ? Sorry for posting maybe a stupid question just caught my interest and haven't seen anyone bringing good viable answer with something to back it up