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  1. Welcome to Elysium all Zeth'kur transfers.
  2. Let's all be friends and kill Alliance together.
  3. Spazzer

    [H] <Rise> Selling PvE Boosts

    Shaman added. Warrior and Rogue soon™.
  4. For those interested we also sell raid boosts for gold.
  5. Spazzer

    [H] <Rise> Selling PvE Boosts

    Shaman and Rogue gear availability soon™.
  6. Recruiting for 2nd Onyxia team. Got alts? We want them.
  7. Recruiting 1-2 Warlocks & 1-2 Mages. PvP Players. Exceptional players can always apply.
  8. Recruiting heavy for PvP purposes. You can speak to Dredd or Nt ingame.
  9. 3 Warlocks if you can outperform Forsake.
  10. Spazzer

    [H] <Rise> Selling PvE Boosts

    Availability and prices updated May 26th, 2017.
  11. We make Druid gear drop like it's going out of style.