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  1. This thread brought to you by Tim Hortinos new Taco Doughnut.
  2. Called someone a kid while arguing on the internet. Winning.
  3. Trying to bully us on the forums for bullying you in game. Shame.
  4. I love the buffs being disabled, I dislike the frantic scrambling that goes on before most raids to get DMN / Songflower / DMF, dislike feeling obligated to get everything ready super early and not play my character for the day in preparation for raids. They are part of vanilla, but it's way more of a private server thing then it ever was in vanilla.
  5. sumeht


    Running too an instance is too hard, please add donjon finder. 100% mount speed is too slow, please add 310% flying mounts. Finding a raid group is hard, please add raid finder. I ruined my reputation on my realm by being a fucking asshole, please add name changes. Please change the things that make vanilla vanilla, we aren't here for that at all.
  6. I'm here because I enjoyed vanilla as it was, flaws and all.
  7. That was part of the reason I suggested this, I personally feel that if they move Anathema forward first, while it may experience a short period of revitalization, will soon fall back to a very low pop once Elysium moves forward and is "Fresh tbc". Waiting for Elylsium wont be easy, it'll be a painful period on Anathema, but Elysium being released fresh was a huge problem for Anathema. Very few new players will choose to roll on the more progressed realm and eventually your recruitment pool just dies out. This is the only chance to fix that problem and it needs to be done. Temporary pain to fix the problem. But I also feel that shortening the time between the releases will make for a much more blizzlike experience for raiders. No guild in retail had anywhere near the gear across their raid as we do on private servers because content is on farm for so much longer here. My retail guild we had only 1 warrior in full t2 when we got to twin emperors in AQ.
  8. That could hurt the population of the Elysium server.
  9. Impossible that two people from the same server have different opinions about things XD
  10. Yes this level 63 blue https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=29456 is better then this KT weapon https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=23054 oh no wait it's not.
  11. That is sadly just the state the entire private server community over the last few years. Any project you can actually play on is garbage, any server that isn't out yet but promises the moon will be perfect.
  12. Now that Elysium has all vanilla content pretty much scripted consider releasing content at a more blizzlike pace in terms of progression. In retail vanilla content took much longer to clear for various reasons. Players didn't understand the game as well as we do, for the most part didn't optimize gear or raid comp as much as is done on private servers. Worse (or no) addons, on top of all that many final raid bosses were very buggy causing guilds to give up attempting them until they were changed. All these factors served as a gating mechanism, keeping the carrot on the stick dangling in front of players in the form of unkilled bosses to progress on, race to world / region / realm first on. Those things really don't (and can't) exist on a private server 12+ years after the fact. We on private servers have content on farm for far far too long in-between raid instances, our raids have significantly more of the later boss gear when moving onto the next raid then any retail wow guild had. Here are some numbers from retail compared to the Elysium servers. Retail Ragnaros killed April 25th 2005 BWL released July 12th 2005 - 78 days later Nef killed Sept 26th 2005 AQ War effort Jan 3rd 2006 - 99 days later C'thun killed April 25th 2006 Naxx released June 20th 2006 - 56 days later Elysium Ragnaros killed Jan 18th 2017 BWL released July 12th 2017 - 175 days later Nef killed July 12th 2017 - Currently 50 days out Anathema Don't have data from realmplayers for MC / BWL C'thun killed April 26th 2017 - Currently 127 days out The way the releases are coming on the Elysium project now, players have easily twice the amount of loot from the later bosses of the instance then any guild had in vanilla wow, seeing that the end boss has a drastically higher ilevel then anything else in the raid this makes a huge difference. I suggest that you take the retail time between the instance being completed and the next one being released into consideration as well for the release dates of new content. I think that having less of your raid with full BIS going into the next tier of content will make that content more difficult and will lower the burnout players experience when farming old content for long periods of time.
  13. I think a fair compromise to that is you let the Anathema realm be copied over into beta at some point after Naxx is on farm and let us test TBC as it is finished / polished. Then release everything all together.