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    Beast o' Melee Hunter (13/0/38)

    there is no reason to pvp in this build. it's just fun build for leveling.
  2. why are they in the game on 1.2 patch? they was added in 1.5 patch even on your old servers. is this mistake?
  3. lorthiras

    imp wont attack

    imp doesnt have aa in vanilla he can just cast fireballs.
  4. lorthiras

    items of wrath/healing

    why are they in the game on 1.2 patch? they was added in 1.5 patch even on your old servers. is this mistake?
  5. lorthiras

    Best professions for enh Shaman?

    for hardcore pvp u need engi/bs
  6. lorthiras

    Question about stats

    well it's not about paladin. prot is rly good spec for solo game quests/grind etc.
  7. lorthiras

    Question about stats

    1.no 2.no 3.nothing 4.yes 5.nope 6.nothing 7.prot tree is the best way for leveling with aoe/ ret/reck for single target 8.nope
  8. lorthiras

    items of wrath/healing

    bump. any opinions?
  9. lorthiras

    Mail gear

    yes. if you choose dragonscale
  10. Как обычно во главе стоит чсвшный петух с манией величия, которого не интересуют чужие неправильные(слитно) мнения?
  11. Вы,сударь, конечно же тот самый 1%, ваш скилл over 9000. Very Hard.
  12. lorthiras

    Theloras' Retribution Guide

    don't use sotc
  13. lorthiras

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    most casters? deep frost mage? sl warlock? boomkin? ele? Shadow? u just can't kill good geared caster with 1 backstab and evi crit.
  14. lorthiras

    Another AV lose fest

    well we're talking bout weekend. it's not a problem to stop horde, but all of us want fast rep honor,
  15. lorthiras

    PvE DPS Class Selection: Warlock vs Mage

    warlock vs mage? warlock!
  16. can u fix it plz? we just want our reward. thanks
  17. lorthiras

    Another AV lose fest

    it was pug vs pug topic, no?
  18. lorthiras

    Another AV lose fest

    without premade? no way. lier
  19. lorthiras

    The Rake is no longer king.

    well u can put warriors in combat with LB
  20. lorthiras

    Enhance stat priority?

    I think that agility or crit is more important on gear than strength This^. U need it for flurry uptime.
  21. lorthiras

    Заработок голды

    /script if not UnitAffectingCombat("player") and buffed("Find Herbs", 'player') then CastSpellByName("Find Minerals") else CastSpellByName("Find Herbs") end; Нужен аддон supermacro
  22. lorthiras

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    ^This Hunter/Drood = highest skillcap.