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  1. Zazabi

    higher server cap for elysium?

    If only it was as simple as that..
  2. Zazabi


    Didn't know he updated it! I recommend ShaguQuest as well! 've been using it from 1-60. Works like a charm!
  3. Same for me. I just completed it.
  4. Zazabi

    How long does it take to learn pet skills

    I believe it's random. Just use the spells you wanna learn on CD.
  5. It's currently bugged apparently..
  6. I just won AV and completed The Battle for Alterac and am missing the followup Hero of the Stormpike as well.
  7. ZG is being released this weekend as well.
  8. Zazabi

    Spectrum Popo Rolled Up

    If Nelythia's post is anything to go by, then yes. :)
  9. Zazabi

    Spectrum Popo Rolled Up

    Just don't get a free one. I'm using one called Freedome. Edit: Which is not actually free.
  10. Zazabi

    XUI - Blizzard Inspired User Interface

    How is this "the original UI"?