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  1. Dear Anathema players, Anathema will be going offline at around 1AM server time for quick maintenance to apply Patch 1.10! Also, Anathema’s server core is getting updated so we will release a change log as soon as we can after the Patch. Have a nice evening! P.S.: again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused and we wish you have a great adventure!
  2. Dear players, Currently our hosting provider OVH are investigating issues with some players being blocked by OVH’s firewall while trying to connect to the Anathema realm. If you experience such issues, PM me your IP address. This will help us to solve this connection issue sooner.
  3. Dear community, Recently, posts and topics have been circulating regarding a possible Elysium & Anathema merge. We would like to debunk these rumors. Due to our respect to Nostalrius and its community, we have no plans of merging these two realms anytime soon. Anathema, historically, is a very important realm, and will remain untouched in its original state as the oldest progressive Vanilla realm. Anathema has a very unique and dedicated community, which we do not believe would boast well with Elysium. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our players and thus we believe that a merge would negatively impact a large chunk of our community. In conclusion, any speculation and memes about it's supposed death will only damage the realm and its dedicated community and thus, we will no longer tolerate these sort of posts or messages on our official platforms. Anathema isn't going anywhere and we will continue to work to make the gameplay on it more attractive and enjoyable. As of right now, this is our final statement on this subject. Lots of love, Elysium Staff.
  4. Dear community, 6 months ago, the Elysium Project reopened the world's most successful World of Warcraft community to continue Nostalrius's work. Together, we have kickstarted a community dedicated to restore World of Warcraft to its original glory, in reaction to Blizzard's stance on legacy servers. On this occasion, we would like to thank our playerbase for contributing to the success of this project. The massive influx of new and dedicated players, who share the same passion and love for this game, has led to the opening of two additional fresh realms. As a result, Elysium reached a population of more than 40 000 concurrent users at peak and over 1 million registered accounts, making it one of the biggest and fastest growing community projects ever! We would also like to thank the many streamers, bloggers, journalists and news outlets who have assisted us on spreading our cause. Over the course of the last months, we have established a professional team of 50 volunteers, from various social and ethnical backgrounds, who have decided to sacrifice their spare time to help and support our players, at all costs. Elysium was established and is maintained by the work of such volunteers and will continue to do so in the future, in order to provide our players from all backgrounds an accessible, originial, as well as a fair and competitive experience. We also want to thank the 40 open source contributors on their work on our emulator. Since Elysium went open source, the emulator has received hundreds of updates. On this occasion, we would like to invite skilled developers and knowledgable players to contribute to our open source repository at: https://github.com/elysium-project/server. Be it pushing a major fix or simply reporting a bug, any help is appreciated. So what`s next? We are still dedicated on releasing the most complete and authentic World of Warcraft experience and are keenly looking forward for the release of the Naxxramas raid on our oldest realm, Anathema, later this year. As a final thought, we would like to thank you all very much for everyone's outstanding support and enthusiasm. See you in Azeroth! Best regards, Elysium Staff
  5. Сейчас проблем быть не должно, Elysium PvP снова работает после 5 часов простоя. Пожалуйста, следите за нашими новостями и уведомлениями о статусе работы игровых миров в канале #news оффициального Дискорда (ссылка на главной сайта). С уважением, CM Akira
  6. All migrations have been successfully completed. We would like to thank you all for your patience and hope you have a great adventure on your new realm. And as always, we are available in #support (Discord) if you have any queries. Sincerely, Elysium Staff
  7. Dear community, The transfers from Zeth’Kur have now come to an end. We hope you have a great adventure on your new realm. As we had announced through various social media platforms, forums, Discord and in game with a caravan of goblins/kodos in front of the Auction House, Zeth’Kur will now be closing. But don’t worry if you didn’t have a chance to choose a server, your characters are safe. If you did not select a realm before the 21st June 2017 your characters and everything on them will be automatically transferred to the Anathema realm. Kind regards, Elysium staff.
  8. Zeth'Kur is shutting down at 11:00 AM server time tomorrow (21st). Pick your new home realm! Speak to the goblins outside of every auction house to choose which realm to transfer to. You should do this with every character. Thanks.
  9. Dear Community, We're excited to bring some information to you regarding the next couple months of content for all of our realms. We'll have more information in the coming weeks but for now, enjoy. Best regards, Elysium Staff
  10. Dear Community, Zeth'Kur will close on June, 21st! Until then, you can choose the new home realm for your characters. You can do so by visiting any capital city and talking to the NPC's at the caravan located near the auction house. This NPC will provide you with some information regarding each realm and he will offer you quests for each realm, which will determine where your character will be transferred. This process has to be repeated for each character. After you choose your new realm, you can still keep on playing with your characters and no progress will be lost. The transfers will happen right after the shutdown! Please ensure to have enough free character spaces. All other characters will be transferred to Anathema by default, thus you do not need to do anything (or be online) if you want to transfer your characters to this realm. The transfers are permanent, so please decide wisely! Best regards, Elysium staff Frequently Asked Question (FAQ): What will happen to my transferred characters if their name is already taken? You will be prompted for a name change when trying to login with the transferred character. If you have reserved your name with a, for example, lvl 1 character, you should remove this one after the transfer has been completed, but before you login with the transferred character, in order to claim the name. What will happen to my characters if I end up with more than 10 characters on a realm? Will they get removed? No, they won't get removed. You can, theoretically, have an infinite amount of characters on a realm, but the WoW client will simply display the first 10 characters. This means that you would simply have to delete some characters, in order to see the transferred ones. A relog (or rejoining the character screen) might be necessary though. Will my items and gold get transferred? Yes! All of your items and gold will get transferred. Just make sure to close all active auctions.
  11. Akira

    Upcoming PvP Update

    Dear community, We have carefully read through your feedback regarding the current situation of the PvP scene and we have finally decided to implement the following changes: Respec costs are being lowered from a maximum of 50 gold to 25 gold. Your life time rank won't be enough to get Rank 14 gear in patch 1.11. Instead you will need to be Rank 14 at the time of purchase, as was required on retail (on Elysium PvP ONLY) Best regards Elysium Staff
  12. Akira

    Video Evidence of Multiple Judgements ranks Stacking

    We are closing this thread as it has already served its purpose. We have collected sufficient evidence that this is an exploit and it will be fixed in one of our next core updates, so stacking won't be possible anymore. Follow the updates on our official open source repository.
  13. We are looking to reinforce our Game Master team with few good individuals: Two Chinese speaker's — preferably in the Oceanic Pacific Timezone. One Russian speaker One available during EU afternoons and evenings (fluency in French and/or German is a bonus) Please remember that this is a volunteer position and that being a Game Master does not grant you any perks or benefits. Any violation of team rules or trust will result in your removal from the team and, depending on the case, possibly to the banning of your personal account(s). All applicants should fulfil the following requirements: Able to communicate well in English Be patient and remain cool under pressure Willingness to learn, follow instructions and put team before self Able to give us at least 15 hours per week Desire to make the community better, receiving only the player thanks in return To apply please Direct Message Akuta, on the forums. Your application should include: Languages you speak and read (fluidly) Timezone (EU, NA, Oceanic Pacific) All L60 characters (and the server they are on) that you have on our project A short statement on why you want to be a Game Master DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME OR ANY PERSONAL IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION. Please be aware that we will do a background check of your characters and terminate applications where we find irregularities. Applications will close on June 15nd, we will contact applicants who pass the initial background checks and arrange voice interviews with a panel of our GM's soon after that.
  14. We're still discussing all possible changes and details regarding this merge and hope to provide the full review to community during the next week +/- several days.