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  1. Careless


    No not really mate :) Tried it multiple times in the past, but always came back to vanilla.
  2. Careless


    Hopefully never
  3. You need to report this on the real bugtracker https://github.com/elysium-project/server/issues The one you have mentioned (https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/1980) is not used, I believe they have just not gotten around to changing the link from the mainpage due to other priorities.
  4. Un'goro crystals are also bugged after 1.10, not respawning at all (or extremly slowly, did a full run and got ~4) - seems like something messed up the overall spawn mechanics of object ins world after the patch.
  5. Careless

    Noob Questions about Warriors

    I prefer Arms/2h Fury while leveling. There is not really a right way, but due to lack of hit pre level 50+ or so, I always avoid 1h fury (and prot of course, due to the slower killing speed). You can tank in any spec - but it will require more skill in 2h/Fury. And if you are playing on Anathema with some t2.5 DPS/heavy nukers on the "wrong target" etc. in your group... it will be much harder to hold the mobs unless you are prot, which can be frustrating. But at the same time, it doesn't really hurt if they take some hits or die even. It's doable - but if you are inexperienced I'd switch to prot at 60 and get all the dungeon loot that way. You don't really need to go dungeons pre 60, install the questie addon or follow a leveling guide for optimal quest route. What stance you should be in is highly situational. Generally I find myself in Berserker stance most of the time. But if I am low on health/Overpower is up/I need to Thunderclap or Mocking Blow, I go Battle stance. If I tank, of course Defensive stance... or to disarm Ashkandi/Dark Edge Warriors in PvP which is hilarious.
  6. Careless

    New Tank Build

    Lol Sebbi :D Member' him from way back in <Enigmatic> when he was just a scrub. OnT: Nice spec's indeed! I've mainly splayed with some impale/cruelty version myself (like undertakers "Naxx Progression Impale build").. but then rage has not been this sparse :>
  7. Careless

    How to save Anathema

    So, there are more gold sellers botting, people creating bank alts OR people actually starting out fresh? Alright, informative. Again,
  8. Careless

    How to save Anathema

    I see some version of this sentence way too much. There are plenty of new, fresh people joining on a daily basis. I, for one, did - a while back - and I still run dungeons from time to time and talk with people - meet some other newbies out there. Hell, just five minutes ago answered to another 'newbie' asking for advice as per starting out here on Anathema. It's not as much as you'd like, granted - but it is not as non-existent as some seem to think or proclaim.
  9. Yes, it's true it's a bit on the low side (also depending on when you play). What I'd recommend is to actually start/form/LFM the group yourself while you are farming/mining/herbing at the same time. This is how I've successfully managed to get my loot. Most high-end guilds are already decked out and don't run dungeons much anymore. So having or not having a guild isn't very important in this aspect, as you can just do it with "randoms"... and if you find some people you like (whom perform well, are helpful or whatever) along the way, just add them and whisper whenever.
  10. Pretty much every single guild needs restoration druids, usually always in high demand. For example (Alliance, EU): http://flashbackwow.shivtr.com/ Only need to farm some pre-raid BiS items, consumables and some gold to spare - then you should be able to set your foot in most raids. There isn't really any need to farm any reputation in vanilla. And healers/tanks usually has an easier time getting into dungeon groups as per the farming.
  11. Just "/join world" chat when you are online get the materials and then announce in this channel that you are, for example "LF a Alchemist to craft some Elixirs of Minor Fort, got mats and tip" whenever you are available. Perhaps from a level 10 bank alt placed in a major city so you can mail the potions to your main character.
  12. Careless

    Iron Deposit locations

    Alterac Mountains and Badlands has loads, not really your level but... this is where i farmed many, many stacks.
  13. Perhaps time to update this and the tank pre-bis list? Personally I would find it helpful to include all PVP items (as they are obtainable pre-raid) and upcoming 1.10 items. Savage Gladiator Chain, Bloodmail Boots, Brigam Girdle etc.
  14. Careless

    Undead warrior quest: Does it worth?

    Expecting a blue? Hah, no - not in vanilla :) Blues are mainly from dungeons or harder elite group quests later on. See all warrior quests here with some comments: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quests=4.-81#0+2+1
  15. Careless

    Cooking Guide 1-300 H/A (Readable and edited)

    Save all meat/fish while you level (in a level 10 bank) and you will have most of what you need to hit 300 by the time you're 60. Never had to farm any ingredients myself by doing this (Alliance, following Brian Kopp's 1-60).