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    I'm a hunter clicker ... there, I've said it! In fact, I can't think of any role in any game where I wasn't a clicker. I think the closest I came to key binding was as a mage in Rift. We're all different players with different abilities and different eye-hand muscle memories. For me, clicking requires little thought; while key binding often has me having to remind myself what #1 vs #2 was for. Every time I've tried to be dependent on a 'short hand' like key binding or macros or scripted rotations, I find myself losing my place or forgetting something and then wasting precious milliseconds trying to get back on track or starting over. Someone calculated that in the course of a 5-minute raid encounter, that clicking might cost as many as 12 wasted casts. Are 12 missed casts the difference between success and failure in a raid boss encounter?
  2. Hehe ... Maybe so about Questie ... and I used it, but often when I complete quests and try to hand them in, I get a DC. You can imagine how quickly that gets old.
  3. After I got my first character to about lvl30, I realized that if I didn't travel everywhere possible and kept perfectly in synch with quests, I'd soon run out of quests and would have to grind to advance. So, when I created an alt, I was particularly careful to never get too far ahead in level compared to available quests ... and this time I made it to 35 ... and again hit the wall. I have no place to go. I brought a few classes to 40 that way, and now want to advance my mage to end game. At level 41, I have done all the level 44 quests available everywhere and am now facing quests that are a bit of a struggle to live through. Is this what the game is about?
  4. I'm a combat rogue in my mid 20s, and feel I am a fairly capable DPSer. I know this is a funny comment, but I wonder if I am really a rogue. I use stealth strategically for positioning or eluding NPCs, but not often to initiate fights. I have a very slow sword (MH) and a very fast dagger (OH), and as a result never use backstab. I tried swapping them, using gouge during the fight, running behind for backstab, but the whole effort seemed awkward, and I often hadn't planned my energy correctly. I thought I might make a practice of swapping weapons during instances where I could more reliably be behind the mob, but I'm not sure I'd being doing that for more DPS gain or just because I feel it's what rogues are 'suppose' to do. Is it OK to call yourself a rogue and simply run in slashing with SS and Evis?
  5. I know it should be an easy macro, but I can't get it to work. I'd like to have my imp or voidie attack my target when I use the Shoot command. I don't want to tie pet attack to CoA or Corruption because my use of those doesn't always require the pet to immediately or ever attack that target. But once I start 'wanding' I want the pet to attack that target.
  6. Phyery

    Preparing to Tank

    LOL --- thanks ... wish me well
  7. Phyery

    Preparing to Tank

    It's been such a long, long time ... Lvl16 Prot Warrior preparing for tanking DM. If I really want to go all out with prep, I see +6 Stam food, Scroll of Protection II, Elixir of Defense, Sharpening Stone ... what else? Does the Scroll and Elixir stack? Are there enchants I should get at this level?
  8. Phyery

    Shift-click not working

    I can't break down stacks in my inventory. I've tried shift-left, shift-right. I've tried disabling all addons. I've looked for a WTF folder that someone suggested contains settings, but didn't find one. I reinstalled WOW. Any ideas?
  9. Phyery

    Bartender2: show empty button slots?

    Thanks, guys ... at least, I know I didn't miss something.
  10. All the advice I read to show empty button slots suggests that there are boxes to click in Bartender and in the WOW Interface tab. If there are, damned if I can find them. Any ideas how to show the empty slots?