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  1. Thanks all, enjoy WoW Classic.
  2. Hi all, Its been a while but wanted to come back. Been reading the forums for the last 45 mins trying to work out if I can get my old chars back from Darrowshire - seems not but can anyone confirm it for me? Would love to pick up my lvl 35 Rogue again. Thanks Anarki
  3. An4rki

    Oily Blackmouth?

    I caught an oily blackmouth in SW last night. Got my fishing from 5-75 in a couple of hrs and got 1 blkacmouth. Mostly I got the standard fish so its a poor drop rate. I was using no lures - just standard, on Darrowshire server. I am having the issue that I cant cast into a large body of water though - I get the message stating that I was casting into water that wasnt fit for fishing... guess Im just a bad fisherman!
  4. Once you have played on the server enough, joined a friendly guild or built up a good friends list - the griefers wont get to you anymore. Ive now got a good 10-12 reliable players to do things with and this makes daily playing so much more fun and amenable.
  5. An4rki

    Leveling a healer?

    I havent played Paly but my friend is currently levelling his as Holy and seems to be doing ok. His Paly and my Rogue together work through most questlines without any issues. As far as rolling on healing or Prot drops - its whatever the group agree to when you are in the party. My Priestess for instance, I need on all holy gear as I am healing in SFK etc but if a good caster item drops, and noone in the groups, i always ask politely whether I can need for me being a SP - most are fine with it.
  6. An4rki

    Is There a DPS need?

    Ive struggled to find any tanks for levelling up in instances - lvl at Tank and go fury if you dont like tanking when you look for raids
  7. I am a recent player to elysium WoW and have 3 chars on Darrowshire. I generally lvl up with a friend and my 32 Rogue, 26 Priest and 20 Huntard generally find a group to do something with. As with retail back in the day, sometimes Im waiting 20 mins to get a group to do something but then once in a while some nice lvl 60 asks to come along and helps out as we struggled to get a tank or healer. Its the same kind of server as most WoW servers I have ever played. If you are looking for PuGs - it generally takes a while, but if you find an active guild, you'll get to do enough stuff to keep you interested.
  8. An4rki

    Two ways of levelling

    On my main (my Rogue) I smash out my First Aid, Mining and Enchanting pretty much straight away so that I can get the nodes wherever I travel to. I know I should have eng but I hate it so I go with professions I enjoy. My Alt Priestess is an alchemist and herbalist and I do these as I lvl up - I dont go out of my way to smash it. My Hunters LW and Skinning is pretty much for my own gear and to help lvl on the way - so in answer to your question... both
  9. An4rki

    getting started

    Tanks for 5 mans but also, any newer guilds looking for tanks for raids too. As always, tanks are always in short supply.
  10. An4rki

    getting started

    I would suggest go with the class you want to play. If you want to play Rogue then lvl it to 60 and show ask for a trial run to prove your worth. If it shows that you can play and will challenge other Rogues in a guild, then you'll be recruited no problem. Darrowshire (admittedly not the highest pop server) is always struggling for tanks - Warriors fill this void :)
  11. An4rki

    Raiding without addons + bigwigs

    That is the most sensible answer to date. Its our own game and if we die, its our own issue - if we lower the overall DPS by dying to early in a boss fight, or pull aggro and affect the raid party - then go into the corner and have a word with yourself!
  12. I'm seeing a lot of people referring to vacations being the issue. This is a multi national game/servers and differing countries have different vacation/holiday periods. There would be no perfect timings for these patches so we should all just roll with it. I understand the disappointment for missing out on new loot etc within the first week of release but it will always be there waiting. We shouldn't criticise or complain about content releases - just praise the work that is being done and that they are releasing the content.
  13. What I have found is that most of the players are players who have previously played WoW and are experienced in instances. I started last month and a friend and I have started a little levelling guild on Darrowshire. We have had to PuG most instances but the Tanks and healers Ive played with know what they are doing. Vanilla is great, but playing with experienced players is most welcome too :)
  14. I remember back circa 10yrs ago I had made 5 lvl 85 chars (all ally) and my friends in my guild said, lets the same guidl over in the horde world. It never felt the same, it felt empty and lonely and even though I loved the Blood Elves, I could never quite get the same excitement as when I logged back into my ally NE Rogue. Nostalgia definitely has something to do with, but its also familiarity. I knew which quests I wanted to do, which were a pain and didnt want to do. Also, I just had many more friends to rely on (not just from my guild). Here on Darrowshire, Ive rolled my ally army again, and dont regret it, but have changed my questing areas for a change, all my chars are in SW (my least favourite city) but I wanted the challenge of new quests. I havent regretted it but I know how some of you feel when trying new races/factions.
  15. An4rki

    Party health Addon?

    From what I remember, it didnt change the name plates or anything or than simply adding a value in the healthbar. It was very subtle, as it didnt allow the movement of party members either but allowed me to create a second group (if I was in a raid). I wish I had taken screenshots 10 years ago - Ill try and dig through some old stuff to see if I made a back up back in the day.