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  1. Amathema had less than 1000 players last night on (forgot to s/s ,sorry) i just wanna play with more people :( like a transfer of some sorts :( i dont mind if they take away my items that "dont exist" in elysium's timeframe just let me into a 7k pop server ...like it was before
  2. hmmstuff

    Damage per second vs damage on wep

    Im confused, for example : http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=22347 vs http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=19107 both show same damage but have different DPS. Or, http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=2100 has .3 DPS more than http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=17717 even though its damage its way lower. What should I be looking at when equipping a weapon, damage or DPS?
  3. hmmstuff

    Cannot seem to trade on the neutral AH?

    I can post screenshots..i even made a new account(we both did) and those accounts cannot see what we post, not even our own auctions. Are our IP's somehow "blacklisted" from the netural AH?
  4. hmmstuff

    Dealing with warlocks 1v1?

    So umm anything else besides being an undead to deal with seduce and coil? Aside from shadow reflector? Fear ward no good?
  5. Before me and my brother could trade on the neutral AH just fine, but now I cannot see the items he puts in there at all, and vice versa. Any idea how to fix that? Not even "you cannot bid on your own items". I literally cannot see the items
  6. hmmstuff

    Dealing with warlocks 1v1?

    I am still leveleing but so far it seems like 60 warlocks open on me with seduce, then put dots or some fire, then succubus again and then deathcoil/shadowburn does me in.They dont even use fear. I know undeads can trinket the seduce but what is seduce/deathcoil? Fear effect? Can fear ward be used against any of those spells?
  7. Ok I am playing on the Anathema Server right now, had a lvl 27 hunter and other alts and now got my hunter to 51 and in chat i keep hearing memes and other things like server dying, etc. But the point is like 10 people today told me that Anathema is going to be merged with Elysium sometime soon? Is that true?
  8. Does the ground scorpok assay stack with any agility elixir buffs or not? Same goes for the rest of those buff( the 25 stam/intellect/spirit0
  9. I got a precisely calibrated boomstick as a drop(the group made me equip it right there and then so I couldnt sneak it out to sell). Dwarf hunter too so I have gun expertise for the extra minuscule .2 crit /whatever 5 weapon skill hit gives. The boomstick has a 1.50 speed!!!Im nearing lvl 50 and i kind of like it actually due to how u shoot like a pew pew machinegun and the fact that I have an easier time on target if a target runs around(like pvp where people jump around and its hard to keep tot) but the shots do awfully small damage. For example in pvp so far I hit 100 autoshots and then random lvl 50 xxvurtnekillerxxx ud mage shows up and does a 1k frostbolt crit in 1 cast. No burst and pvp is all about burst... So it got me thinking is it possible to use a fast weapon at lvl 60 pvp? Is there even a good dmg fast weapon at all with the close speed of the boomstick at 60?. I can only think of the r14 bows, the eaglehorn bow and the megashot rifle(which is still a lvl 49ish weapon not 60) Or are these fast weapons doomed to fail due to the way they made AP work(copy from EQ) with slow weapons that are stupidly broken and cannot be matched ? Would like to hear your opinions ladies and gents
  10. I saw some bug reports that people could not complete some of the quest parts from the Glimmering Mithril Insignia q chain. Before I level my BS(lol such a grueling profession) can people confirm that it is possible to get the trinket on Anathema at least?