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    Talent tree feedback

    ^ agreed, piercing howl is criminally underrated. 5% extra attack power bonus to battle shout will never make a noticeable difference and absolutely will not make the difference between a wipe or a kill. piercing howl on the other hand WILL show a noticeable difference in any of the situations that Storfan noted, and has a large chance of saving yourself or your party/raid from a really bad situation. I'd even go as far to say that any DPS warrior not specced into piercing howl is playing his class incorrectly.
  2. Kolmar

    Hit cap wrong?

    1. Only spells have a permament 1% chance to resist, meele has no such thing and you can completely cap your miss chance. 2. Storfan is correct in that Bloodthirst does not require a meele weapon to use, and thus your 305 weapon skill does not get applied to it and you need 9% hit to fully cap bloodthirst. It's the same for Execute at the moment because of a bug, it doesn't check for your weapon when it gets used and so it doesn't check for weapon skill, which ends up with the 9% hit cap. 3. On most servers the PvP hit cap would be 5%, however Elysium changed the hit-cap formula a few weeks ago. This change seems to have affected PvP, raising the cap from 5% to 5.6%, so you effectively need 6% now to cap yourself for PvP. You can test this out yourself by going to Karazhan and spamming hamstring on the level 60 mobs there at 5% hit with combat log enabled, you will see some of your hits miss.
  3. too early to say to be honest. TBC won't be a thing for months, if not over a year. if darrowshire's population has reached critically low levels by the time TBC is on the horizon (under ~300 average), then i'd rather be absorbed into lively PvP servers than to remain a dead PvE server. if the population is still going strong by then, then i'd have no objection against a PvE TBC server. it all depends on how our population situation looks like when the time comes in my opinion.
  4. Asking here since i can't really find anything about it online.
  5. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/47134-quest-item-restoration/
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hgmrg9MRDXkQkwsFD8NCV6LFKmJ75D8YwE5VNwebUp4/edit?usp=sharing This is a modified version of this guide that removes items that are from patch 1.9 or above. Credit to whoever made the original version, very helpful!
  7. Thanks, added in more Sunken Temple nature resist items to the list.
  8. From left to right: Resistance - Chance to resist 100% of a spell - 75% - 50% - 25% - Chance of resisting no damage at all - Chance of resisting indirect or non-damage spells (ex. AoE spells or debuffs that don't do damage when applied) Looks like the sheet is for a level 60 player/mob though, since it should cap out at 315 for raid bosses.
  9. Tombstone breastplate has the 1.10 stats on Anathema, so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. If you're playing on Elysium or Darrowshire, then that's also functioning as intended as neither of those servers are on patch 1.10 yet, Elysium is on 1.6 and Darrowshire on 1.8. You can see the timeline here https://elysium-project.org/timeline
  10. patch 1.8, so in December according to the timeline.
  11. Kolmar

    Ironfoe Testing

    it doesn't, i use an addon called "Vanilla Consolidate Buff-Frames" which has an option to automatically remove buffs as soon as they get applied on you (ex. salvation or fury of forgewright), i've been using it to block the dwarf-speak and it hasn't affected my additional swings at all.
  12. Ah right i forgot about that, thank you.
  13. OP is absolutely in the right here in my opinion, this kind of policy seems insane. I wasn't a fan of the massive cross-collusion between the world bosses or the devilsaur mafia for example that was here a while ago, but trying to restrict really small encounters like this where you cannot possibly prove collusion is really bad, if not even worse than the previous policy. Even if OP posted in the wrong section or is causing an accidental witch-hunt by calling people out, this still completely warrants attention. Collusion banning should only remain for large-scale operations, trying to police every single small encounter in the world is absolute madness.
  14. Kolmar

    Razorgore dropped no loot

    https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/47242-boss-looting-failures/ you can find all the information about loot failure there.
  15. Kolmar

    Which gnomer pants should I get?

    1 agility = 2 armor, so those leather pants have 254 less armor than the mail ones. i'd pick the mail ones if you're going to be tanking.
  16. Kolmar

    When do these items get updated?

    yup, same patch. 1.10.
  17. Kolmar

    Alternative to defense cap?

    yeah, and to be uncrushable you have to get a total of 100% in all of the options before crushing blow to push it off the table (miss/parry/dodge/block/crit). if you manage to completely push off crushing blows, then you also completely push off normal hits, because crushing blows are calculated before normal hits. as i said in my earlier post, the attack table calculates exactly in this order: miss -> parry -> dodge -> block -> crit -> crush -> hit lets say for example that you hack the game and get 100% parry, that means there won't ever be any dodging/blocking/critting/crushing/hitting, as it's already been calculated at 100% when it reached parry, as the order is miss -> parry -> dodge -> block -> crit -> crush -> hit the ONLY possible way to push both crits and crushing blows off the attack table is to get a total of 100% in miss -> parry -> dodge -> block.
  18. Kolmar


    The main thing I always recommend is getting Piercing howl/Blood Craze/Enrage in the Fury tree as soon as possible. This is because when you /sit down, mobs have a 100% chance of critically striking you, making it possible to keep Enrage up at all times with a lot of Blood Craze procs. Piercing Howl is used to get out of situations that you'd die in otherwise. After that you can continue speccing Fury or switch to Arms, whatever you prefer. Example leveling specs: 2-handed Fury Arms Dual-wield Fury (usually not recommended while leveling due to increased miss chance) You can switch around most of the talents depending on personal preference, like unbridled wrath -> improved demoralizing shout and such. I'd just always recommend getting Enrage, or at the very least Piercing Howl. A 6 second AoE daze that only costs 10 rage and has no cooldown is a lifesaver while leveling. As for your other questions, you can tank all dungeons in full DPS spec so that's not something to worry about. The only must-have profession is Engineering if you're a big fan of PvP, otherwise you can pretty much pick whatever you want. Mining/Herbalism/Skinning for gold while leveling, Alchemy/Blacksmithing/Enchanting for late-game use, etc.
  19. Kolmar

    Alternative to defense cap?

    as you said, a bosses attack table against you goes miss - parry - dodge - block - crit - crush - hit, in that order. according to Armilus' guide, the base miss chance against you is 6%, so you would need to get a combined total of 94% from Dodge/Parry/Block to become passively immune to the rest of the attack table (Crits/Crushing Blows/Hits) ...which is simply impossible.
  20. Kolmar

    Cloak Of Warding

    I have the pattern on my mage "Lolmar" on the Alliance side on Darrowshire. Feel free to whisper me if you catch me online on any of my chars (Kolmar/Lolmar/Kolmadin), can also mail your mats to me instead and i'll mail the cloak back as soon as I can.
  21. Kolmar


    they delayed Anathema's 1.10 update because they're busy fixing the errors & bugs in Elysium's recent AV patch.
  22. Kolmar

    When do these items get updated?

    They're updated in 1.10, which won't come until mid 2018 if Elysium follow their current schedule. You can confirm this by going on Anathema right now and linking the items to yourself, they will still be in their pre-buff versions, since Anathema is on patch 1.9 at the moment.
  23. Kolmar

    WTB plans the persuader

    won't be available until 1.10, which is not even out on Anathema at the moment (though it will be in their next patch), just so you know how long it will be until those plans are available. if they stick to the timeline, it will be out in late june of 2018.
  24. Kolmar

    Q: Ledger from Tanaris - can't complete

    yeah this is a common bug with this quest, I believe the only fix is to abandon the quest & retake it in Searing Gorge. it won't destroy any of your items but it will be a pretty long run.
  25. Kolmar

    Savage Glad buffed when?

    In patch 1.10, proof "new stats after patch 1.10=+13 stam,+14 agi,+13 strength still 2% to crit but lose the+13 defense" - posted on March 29th 2006, 1 day after patch 1.10 came out.