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    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Thank you very much! I guess ill train fire resistance on my cat and see how that works, while trying to get Lupos which really is a pain in the ass ^^ Thank you again !
  2. Supremepleb

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Hey man thanks for the guide and the macros! I'd like to hear your ideas on this: I finally started raiding classic recently on Elysium, took a while ... In molten core my cat keeps on dying on trash but also on bosses, what do you think is the best way to avoid this or at least reduce the hassle a little ? I thought about training fire resistance on my cat just for MC, or try to work with the wind serpents lightning breath, do you have any suggestions ? Cheers
  3. Supremepleb

    Best way to leveling low level pet

    Great post, thank you !
  4. Hey, I was wondering whether I'm missing something or the quest is simply not in game yet. This is the quest im talking about cheers
  5. Supremepleb

    Azuregos Bug abuse

    Hi, there was an Azuregos raid about 30 minutes ago on Elysium PVP. Horde had him at 15% - Alliance killed Horde, then finished off Azuregos who still was at 15%. Of course, I'm just concerned about the part where the boss is not reset and still drops loot ... Just for the future - is this a mechanic that can be used without sanctions? Cheers