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  1. Zendruid

    Feral 5man tanking

    Yeah, I am fully open to healing at level 60! It's just nice to have a guild that is willing to let me try tanking too. Will most likely go resto once I'm 60 or in my late 50s. While leveling, however, I probably won't collect a healing set. As a tank I should be fine to find dungeons. Yeah your point about the threat talent is good. Most warrior tanks are specced as Fury or Arms while leveling, and lack any increased threat talents. This is probably one of the main reasons why I find it so easy to keep aggro on multiple mobs in instances. Many AoE threat abilities as well as a 15% threat increase from talents is awesome.
  2. Zendruid

    Feral 5man tanking

    Hey! I recently started a new druid. I'm currently level 18, and ready to start my first dungeon runs through Deadmines. I'm planning on focusing solely on Feral until level 60 at least (my guild is aiming for future raiding, and I've been given persmission to be a feral off-tank at 60 if I wish). I'm not sure if I'll even bother collecting healing gear, as I should have no problem finding groups if I can fill either the DPS or tanking spot as feral (and I need money for my mount, so might as well sell any int/spir gear I find). I have only tanked a tiny bit as feral before (one run through Stockades), and I found it pretty easy compared to Warriors. Basically I would just pull with Moonfire/Faerie Fire (it was before I had Faerie Fire (Feral)), shift to Bear form, and use Maul to keep aggro. On multiple mobs I'd use Swipe for AoE threat, and Demo roar for damage mitigation. Always keeping Thorns on myself. This way I rarely lost aggro of any mobs, and if I did early in a fight due to a premature heal, I'd just pick the loose mob up with Growl. I'd also sometimes pop a Rejuvination on myself just for some extra AoE threat. I found it to be a lot of fun and very simple, and in 5mans I actually prefered it to Warrior tanking. Hardly any tab-targeting to keep aggro on multiple mobs. For gear I'm priorotizing items with Stamina > Strength > Agility > Armor. I just made this thread as a place to discuss Feral tanking. I feel it should be more commonly used in 5mans, as I have rarely been in dungeons with bear tanks (mostly druids I have played with have been healers or cat dps). I'd greatly appreciate any advice from people with experience :) I want to perform as well as I can, as I hate letting down a dungeon group by causing a whipe!
  3. Hey! I have just started a new rogue (level 10 yay)! I am planning on leveling as Combat, using mostly swords (and maybe maces). Clearly, when leveling a Rogue (or any melee class), you are very dependant on your weapons. At the same time though, you can't really afford to visit the Auction House every few levels and spend gold on weapons, as you'll need 100g for your mount at level 40. Therefore I'm aiming to get most of my weapons from dungeons and quests, starting out with trying to get Cruel Barb from Deadmines (as I'm Alliance). Does anyone have an overview (or at least some advice) on what weapons to go for and when? Since dungeon loot is very unreliable and I don't want to have to farm the same dungeons over and over while leveling, quest rewards are slightly preferable! Also as a sidenote, does anyone have any advice on gold-farming as a rogue? I've heard something about making a lot of money from pickpocketing, but not sure how that works.
  4. Zendruid

    Healing in 5 man dungeons (not raids)

    I am already in a raiding guild, so that's no problem. The guild seems pretty open-minded, and we have a Feral druid as an off-tank in raids. Anyhow, I am planning on going resto! Maybe later on I'll experiment with feral/balance in raids that are on farm at that time.
  5. Today I did the Raene's Cleansing quest chain and recieved the Furbolg transformation rod (can't remember the actual name). I realized that if I use the rod, then shapeshift, and then right click the furbolg buff, I transform back into my night elf look, however I keep the shapeshift buff (so technically stay in Bear/Cat/Travel form). This means I can look like a normal night elf, but have all the attributes of my chosen form. My question is, is this a bannable offense, and considered bug exploitation? I can imagine it could be seen as cheating in PvP. Hordes will see a normal druid in casting form, and not realize that they have the attributes of Cat, Bear, Moonkin etc. Does anyone do this?
  6. Zendruid

    Healing in 5 man dungeons (not raids)

    Thanks, Duality! Sounds like I should be fine sticking with Druid! I'm more interested in a fun class to play, and Druid certainly does seem like a fun class.
  7. Zendruid

    Healing in 5 man dungeons (not raids)

    Thank you Pwnana and taladril! That thread was a big help. Really enjoying playing Feral so far, but will also be exciting to go resto in later levels. However I have been reading recently here that resto druids aren't as strong healers as I thought. I have also seen them as a really strong healing class in raid settings, but I keep seeing comments about how they are more there for their utility, and that priests and paladins are far superior when it comes to pure healing output. Is this really true? I would have thought that druids could be up there at the top of the meters. It's always a shame to reach higher levels and find out that your class isn't really wanted.
  8. Zendruid

    Healing in 5 man dungeons (not raids)

    Hey! I am currently leveling a Feral Druid, and in dungeons so far I have been doing either kitty dps or bear tanking. This is so I can focus on just one gear-set and more easily earn money for my level 40 mount. I really enjoy the tanking, but my main plan at 60 is to respec to Restoration and try out healing. I have read quite a few guides for Druid raid healing, and I have also watched quite a few videos on Youtube, so I kind of get what that's all about. What I don't often see is guides/videos showing how to heal five man dungeons. I'm guessing it's just a lower rank of HT and Rejuv to keep your tank alive, and maybe pop some rejuvs on the dps to keep their HP up too. What about Regrowth? Should that be used a lot? Also, druids are missing a shield and resurrection. Does that cause difficulties in dungeons? I have healed a bit on a Priest before, and throwing PW:S on a dps who pulls aggro is always a huge help. Just thought it would be nice to get some expert tips on how to handle smaller groups! As I will have to run all the dungeons to farm my healing set before raiding.