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  1. blooberry89

    The Best Pet

    Wow, thanks guys. I'ts surprising how active and helpful everyone seems to be around here. Thanks again.
  2. blooberry89

    The Best Pet

    I've been looking at different pets for ages here: http://vanillawowhunter.com/vanilla-wow-pets/ I don't really know what to get. Is there a pet that is "the best pet" in the game? (highest DPS, etc). And what pet is best for PVP? Thanks in advance.
  3. blooberry89

    The Best Hunter Site?

    Hi Guys, I've been using this site: http://vanillawowhunter.com/ It's pretty cool. The pet section is soooooo good. What sites are you guys using? Is there a really good one that everyone uses? I'm a bit of a hunter noob :D
  4. blooberry89

    Hunter BiS

    Thanks for all the replies, guys. I am on Elysium PVP, which I believe is patch 1.3 Good point, thank you.
  5. blooberry89

    Hunter BiS

    Hey, us huntards have got to stick together m8 :P You can click on the items and some do say they are from a certain patch though tbh. Looking at this list makes me want ZG on Elysium :'( What would you say is missing? I hate that the only boots here are from a some kind of summoning quest :( Thanks for replying :)
  6. blooberry89

    Hunter BiS

    How good is this pre-raid BiS? Is there anything missing? http://vanillawowhunter.com/vanilla-wow-hunter-pre-raid-bis/ Thanks in advance :)
  7. blooberry89

    Hunter Guide?

    Try this, it's definetly for beginners :) http://vanillawowhunter.com/vanilla-wow-hunter-guide/