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  1. WHAT? Perembula misunderstanding a player or ToU? Unheard of
  2. not hating, it's just not as viable from a utility standpoint - yes, what you're mentioning are all decent cooldowns and a great utility in a support role, but a holy paladin will be even more useful even if you're just talking about paladins, and a druid will also be more useful with stuff like feral charge, no slows, 5 sec bash, nature's grasp, etc
  3. Blink and cold snap/ice block trumps anything a retgod can do
  4. What is your take on the situation after reading through the comments
  5. Rose_

    Im stuck

    Use the built-in Unstuck feature (?-Button, Stuck, Auto-Unstuck), if that doesn't work page a GM using Stuck - Page a GM.
  6. I've had this in my folder since nost or something, gives options to adjust brightness and delete TGA's after completion, should be possible to find it online
  7. really nice picture for this announcement guys
  8. Rose_

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    I would suggest one of the following: Reduce respec cost cap to something a bit more humane, maybe 10g, or, Allow a free respec with a cooldown, say 3 days, or something along those lines. I strongly believe this will increase general pvp activity on the server, thus leading to pug players facing premades less commonly. Other than that here are some other opinions based on previous replies in this thread: Do not limit premades in any way, Allow players to queue from anywhere in the world, this would be especially good for players at level 10-59, as there's low activity in their battlegrounds.
  9. Rose_

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Just want to +1 Fiers comment from the first page.