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  1. Charles_Burns

    The Best Hunter Site?

    Very nice site, thanks :) How is this not more well known? :O
  2. Charles_Burns

    [Addon] YaHT - Yet another Hunter Timer

    The best I've found, thanks
  3. Charles_Burns

    Zul'Farrak Bugged

    I remember the event on the steps was really buggy in Nost. Is it still the same on Elysium?
  4. Charles_Burns

    Scared to join Elysium

    I know you technically shouldn't but I see a lot of LFG in /2 aswell
  5. Charles_Burns

    help for a maccro

    Hi, You can find a macro like that here: http://vanillawowhunter.com/vanilla-wow-hunter-macros/
  6. Charles_Burns

    Uninstalled WoW

    Good day, Sir.
  7. Charles_Burns

    Music Thread

    This is Greyworm from GoT!
  8. Charles_Burns

    Self published fantasy novel

    Congrats bro!
  9. Charles_Burns

    Skinning bug

    How dare you, sir
  10. Charles_Burns


    I remember that pain all too well
  11. Charles_Burns

    Cross zone mob pulls.

    rekt m8