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    Forgotten Email for game account

    Yes I have checked the account files within the game files and I have the account name correct. However I can’t remember my password and for me to reset it I need to remember the email address I used when I first set up the account. I have check every email address I would have used and still get no letter to rest. What makes it more confusing is the email for the forum login is a current email which I use everyday and I wouldn’t have used a different one for the i game account 😞
  2. Murdochcory

    Forgotten Email for game account

    I haven't played in ages. I can remember my username, which I believe is the same as the forum username but cannot for the life of me remember my email address. I have tried to reset my password using username but don't know which email address the letter is sent too. Is there anyway for that to be checked?