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    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    Does the change you made on august 8th mean that +4 weapon skill is actually now the most useful number in terms of decreasing misschance, instead of +5 weapon skill as it was before?
  2. Greetings hunters, Here's looking for input from the hunter community on an unresolved discussion I've been having. The title explains it mostly. It is said hunter's opinion that the Ossi Xbow is a worthwhile upgrade from Rhok'delar, so much so that hunters ought to be on par with prot warriors, and by extension fury/rogue too. It is my opinion that Prot Warriors benefit more from this Xbow, because it is best in slot in all current content, and afaik well into Naxx. The strength/agi/stam and hit are all very useful for prot warrs in terms of threat and avoidance. Also, since non-troll hunters still only need 6% hit from gear, assuming surefooted, make the +hit a fairly redundant stat for them to have on this particular slot. Rhok gives 1% crit, more DPS, higher high-end dmg and more RAP. Xbow gives higher minimum dmg and slightly lower max dmg so it does give slightly more stable DPS. Also the main argument in favor of hunters is of course the slower speed, clipping less of an auto-shot. However, if this Xbow goes to a hunter they'll replace it with Chromie Xbow, which is miles better. I'd like some informed thoughts on this. Any input is appreciated.
  3. Cetus

    Blocked crits?

    Thank you. This has been very helpful. :)
  4. Cetus

    Blocked crits?

    So if I understand you right it looks something like this (the percentages are just made up, just look at the sytstem): Roll 1: Miss: 10% Parry: 10% Dodge: 10% Move on to die roll 2: 70% --- Roll 2: Crit 25%, and move on to Roll 3. Hit 75%, and move on to Roll 3. --- Roll 3: Block 10% Unmitigated 90% -------------- If the above is how it works, then I can see how crits are sometimes blocked. My next question would then be about crit chance: if die roll 1 needs to be passed before die roll 2 is made, then my crit chance in the above scenario would be 0.7*0.25 = 17.5%. How does increased crit chance on gear for example affect this then? Say I have a piece of gear that increases my crit chance by 2%. Would that be a flat 2% increase on my overall yellow attacks? Or would it only increase my crit chance in die roll 2 by 2%? If the former is true, then the crit chance in die roll 2 would need to be 0.7*X = 19.5% X = 19.5/0.7 = 27.86%. If the latter is true, then the crit chance in die roll 2 would become 27% instead of 25%, with the actual crit chance becoming 0.7*0.27 = 18.9% (Giving me effectively 1.4% crit when the gear says 2%). Maybe I'm missing something here. If so, please point it out. Also, all of this is about player's yellow hits hitting a mob/boss. Does the situation chance when we discuss mob's yellow hits hitting player? EDIT: I would love to find all of this in the source code myself, but I'm not as adept at reading code as most of you here probably, and I can't be sure if I would be reading it right.
  5. Cetus

    Blocked crits?

    Hello, Can someone please help me understand how a crit can also be blocked? See this screenshot here, where the combat log shows a partial block on a shieldslam crit: http://imgur.com/a/Bmveu. As I understand it, any result of melee combat is a roll 1-10.000, where an X number results in a block, and an X number results in a crit, so they should be mutually exclusive. Am I missing something? I've noticed this more times since the screenshot on various abilities. Perhaps notably, the blocked amount always seems to be 29. Thanks in advance!
  6. The followup requires lvl 18.
  7. Cetus

    Cylonian Bug

    This is fairly common. Usually I notice this happening when you've put one or more of the quest items in bank at some point. Easy fix though: abandon and retake the quest, then you can deliver it. This should not delete any quest items.
  8. Thanks for the fun in IF and SW tonight guys! Feel free to stop by in Org any time <3.
  9. Cetus

    Tank Points - By Undertanker

    I was under the impression that the 3% reduction in base miss chance also affected yellow hits. The only other thread where I saw this discussion was in AQ bis + weap skill by Omakaroni. There too people did not seem to agree on the way weap skill affected yellows, if at all. Of course if weap skill is only on whites, that diminishes the use for me considerably as a tank (I was stoked a/f about gettin 3 hit effectively). I would love the person that could conclude that debate once and for all.
  10. Cetus

    Tank Points - By Undertanker

    Got a question about skill TP vs. +hit TP. You've put skill TP on 2, and +hit TP on 18. As I understand it, getting 305 weapon skill results in a different formula to calculate base miss chance like this: At 300 weapon skill (difference between def skill of boss and weap skill of player is >10: Base chance to miss (%) = 7 + (defense skill – weapon skill – 10) * 0.4 = 7 + (315 - 300 - 10) * 0.4 = 7 + 5 * 0.4 = 9% At 305 weapon skill (difference is equal (or less) than 10): Base chance to miss (%) = 5 + (defense skill – weapon skill) * 0.1 = 5 + (315 - 305) * 0.1 = 5 + 10 * 0.1 = 6% In other words: the first 5 weap skill gives a 3% reduction in base chance to miss. Should the racials therefore not be worth at least 3*18 = 54 TP? Thanks for your reply in advance.
  11. /bump, recruitment, progress and raid days updated.