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    Bugs that I have found

    Group ghost bug: What I found is when I rez someone they're still in there Ghostly form paladins only I guess or its probably other things once you're in the party. Swim bug: It seems like when you're swimming going down to the bottom pushing the space bar, you jump then swim seems like it's a bug to me. Skill bug: Every time I push on a skill it said invalid target then I have to logout and it works then again it doesn't work again so I have to type all my information my auth code etc to get back in the game playing I think this will be annoying to others when they're PVPing or Pve am my the only one that is experience this bug or if so can someone explain more detail I hope a developer see this of my 3 days of playing. (PS) The attacking skill works like sword etc but the spell doesn't work says INVALID target.