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    Thrash Blade or Krol Blade

    The best I could find was a 1.2 PPM, so the % should be: 5% (2.7*1.2/60=.05=5%) Thrash Blade Source for Math It is possible that the proc rate is off for the item. I have a thrash blade, I will have to do some testing to see what numbers I end up with EDIT: So I ran some tests, and it looks like the sword proc is off. I have 5/5 Sword spec which has a 5% or 1.2PPM mechanic and it is also showing 2% rather than 5% I am going to guess that this is a bug. Image
  2. So, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this is not a faction specific issue. As a horde player I have been ganked numerous times by ?? Alliance, and had areas rendered unquestable because there are multiple ?? alliance killing any NPC or horde player they find. The larger issue is why people in general feel the need to gank players that are more than 3 levels lower than themselves. I dont know about the majority of people, but I PvP for the challenge. It is very rare that I will jump someone who is green to me, or is at low health and farming mobs. This is an issue that transcends both sides. Both horde and alliance have a**shats that think killing lowbies is fun it is not exclusive to one faction.
  3. falconertomt

    How to farm gold now?

    Depends on your StealthFu, I would wait until you are at least 35, I would also use a Sub spec like this: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fZZxre0c0o The rest is up to you. This gives you the best speed, stealth level, and the ability to reset if you are detected, use distract religiously. Now if you want to speed farm (35-40g per hour) I would wait until you are at least 50, preferably 60, I would use a spec like this: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fhxzZMLVbbVzxfox0x This gives you the ability to kill packs as combat swords by using Blade Flurry and Adrenaline Rush. I recall being able to farm up to Mauradon as combat Swords at 60 in vanilla. The issue you are going to run into is that Rogues have poor AoE, we are single target DPS kings, and as long as we can stun things we can do quite well, but our defensive cool-downs are all 3-5 mins, and our only AoE hits a 2nd target. I personally would either target SM, or find a location in the world that has a large concentration of humanoids that can be pick pocketed. I am hesitant to give out my secrets for gold farming, as I do not like competition, but my best success has been combining Stealth/Sap and mining to get to nodes that are guarded, as well as Sap/Looting for chests. While leveling my recommendation is to take skinning/mining, I easily made 200g by the time I hit 40 (I am st 150g at level 46 after buying riding and my mount) by skinning everything I saw and mining while leveling, then selling it on the AH, I got lucky with a couple of blue drops form lock boxes, but that added up to at most 50g. Otherwise, pick pocket EVERYTHING, especially while leveling and in dungeon groups, get an addon that opens the loot window at your mouse point and that will allow you to pick pocket on a 3 pack of mobs really fast. I have had no issues keeping great dps while also picking the majority of pockets in a pull. In vanilla wow, gold making is time consuming, and takes patience unless you are a hunter or a frost mage. There is a reason that in vanilla the majority of Chinese gold farmers were hunters, and AoE farming will always make good money.
  4. falconertomt

    Difference between Assassination and Combat for raiding

    To answer your 2nd question first, if you go assassination, you would go BS > SS using dual daggers. That being said, Combat > Assassination > Sub for PvE (There are a few caveats to this, but only at high end AP and gear levels). Rogues in PvE rely heavily on white damage, in conjunction with that the first tier of raiding (MC) renders poisons useless on over 50% of the mobs (Elementals). This puts combat at a large advantage. Combat Swords is currently the strongest PvE spec, with combat daggers 2nd to it. Depending on what gear has been released for your server (I am on Elysium, so we are pre BWL) will further dictate this what specs are viable. The extra attacks make combat swords king, combine that with Hand of Justice (Extra attack Trinket) and it is god. If you go combat daggers, there are some things you will want to get, i.e Muggers Belt from DM: North, +5 dagger skill is insane for damage, and is bis for pre-raid dagger rogue, crit is your friend for dagger rogue. Pretty much you are running combat swords until Perdition's Blade is released. Even then, Combat Swords will be stronger than combat daggers, though the gap will close somewhat. I do not recall assassination being a viable raiding spec ever during vanilla, though in truth I would need to run simulations in order to confirm this. At Naxx level gear, and with the proper MH weapon, a Combat/Hemo build was insane, but that was LATE vanilla. I do not have access to target dummies in game yet, so I do not have any modeling for you at the moment.