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  1. Irenicus

    problem with Ingame resolution

    Is full-screen/borderless windowed not an option? Personally I'd say that's the best/easiest way to get the desired resolution.
  2. Irenicus

    Gear has wrong stats - deleting WDB doesn't help

    Absolutely, the only way you would see different stats is if one (or both) of you had no cleared the WDB folder after an update.
  3. Irenicus

    Explanation for the server crashes

    My reaction was more like this... https://media.giphy.com/media/oOX5qIDkzDjeo/giphy.gif
  4. Irenicus

    Darrowshire 1.8 Temporarily Delayed

    Now there are 2 Stannis'?!
  5. A post making an outlandish claim with absolutely no proof? Take your drama mongering elsewhere.
  6. Irenicus

    unhappy with the zeth kur transfers

    I'd just like to point out there is no way there were 14.5k people online for a single server. /who will show the total of both factions, not just one. By overall population ZK was actually closer to Blizzlike than Elysium (if I recall correctly 2-2.5k was high pop for Blizzard vanilla servers). By my (unofficial) calculations the past weekends population peak was about 1k more than the previous weekend. Please remember just because it is 10 in the morning on a Sunday for you doesn't mean it's 10 in the morning on a Sunday for the rest of the world.
  7. Irenicus

    NA/EU Whats your MS?

    About 100ms from Northeast US