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  1. Dingo9109

    Trouble Logging in today

    Hi all hoping somebody can help...I am trying to log in but all I get is a blank terms of use box cant even get to the account log in. Any ideas?
  2. Dingo9109

    Hunter Spec for world pvp

    Hi all, I am rolling a hunter with my RL buddy who is playing a fury warrior and our main focus is world pvp with some quest/dungeon grinding. I was hoping somebody could shed some light on what spec would compliment duoing with a warrior 24/7. I have read that Beast Mastery is the way to go for leveling but since I'll have a pocket tank with me I was wondering if MM is the way to go. Thanks in advance for the help =).
  3. Dingo9109

    How are Druids in world pvp?

    Hello all, I am starting fresh on Elysium with my RL buddy who is rolling Hunter and we're mainly interested in world pvp ganking and dungeon grinding. I have read some things about druids being underpowered in endgame raiding and being pigeon holed into going full resto if they choose to raid. However, I'd like to know more specifically how well a "pvp specced" druid with decent gear does leveling up and can they hold their own in world pvp. Are they so underpowered that they have a disadvantage in almost every possible pvp encounter? Druids, please tell me ganking with a feral druid is as fun as i've been imagining.