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    Leveling after 1.4

    Luckily I was 53 when the patch hit. I tried questing but was getting nowhere. I ended up grinding to 54 in an out of the way area, which was pretty slow, but much faster than my questing attempts. From 54 on I've been grinding dungeons mostly. The only time I would consider questing is when the population is under 2400. If I wasnt close to mid 50s, I would have quit til BG patch. Leveling is brutal.
  2. Ehh, it's not just horde. I made it to 23 on my shaman and am currently stuck at sunrock retreat. Couple of Ally 60s always seem to be camping the place now. I'm sure it's bad timing on my part, I've been there before with no trouble...but every time I've logged in on that toon I've been killed and camped. Made a toon on darrowshire to kill some time while waiting to try elysium again. Now 28 on that server. Would prefer to play on a pvp server...but lucks been against me it seems.