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    Naxxramas - World Buffs Y/N ?

    Just keep worldbuffs disabled in naxx forever! (or at least for the next few months). We just downed 4 Horsemen and so far we are all having a blast progressing through naxx. Whenever you firstkill something with worldbuffs it feels like cheating. Without worldbuffing one can actually enjoy the encounters and learn how to handle them instead of having 50% of your time consumed by onyxia/ZG/DMN and then facerolling the boss. Disabling worldbuffs was the best decision in a long long time. Thank you elysium team for this awesome raid.
  2. Meagelcarven

    37.00% crit cap?

    this is wrong. Should be 6% miss (vs Bosses) at 305 wep.skill if i remember correctly.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT4iiil0sfI&feature=youtu.be 13.00min no sunders but whirlwind/ Bloodthirst, doesn't make any difference though because bloodthirst and whirlwind are instant attacks just as sunder. Same goes for every other class with instant attacks like rogue (sinister strike f.e.) hunter (multishot f.e.) and so on... too bad paladin has none in vanilla.
  4. goddamnit the swing timer does NOT get refreshed, just make yourself a warrior and test it. I cant see shit on your stupid videos, because this guy has no scrolling combat text addon installed and doesnt see shit because the numbers are offscreen over the head of giant monsters.
  5. ok with JoR (does that proc TF?) you start with one more attack. If warrior uses bloodrage before the pull (which normally he does) then you will have your first sunder at the 0sec mark, making it even with the JoR judging. In my statement i wrote and so on...if you continue this you will see that warrior eventually will have more procs. How can you not see that 1.5sec is faster than 1.9sec? At this point i really think you are just trolling me.
  6. He made this threat to discuss the topic. You can not just tell someone it is better bc. it is better. (that would be like Hillary saying America is great, because it is great). I think Killerduki just doesn't know how instant attacks work, thus his thinking is kind of understandable (but not correct). Ok lets look at Paladin: after 1.9sec comes : autoattack + SoR proc 3.8sec comes: autoattack + SoR proc After 5.7 sec comes: autoattack + SoR proc Now let's look at Warrior: after 1.5sec comes sunder/shieldslam/revenge (one of the 3) after 1.9sec comes autoattack after 3sec comes sunder/shieldslam/revenge (one of the 3) after 3.8sec comes autoattack after 4.5sec comes sunder/shieldslam/revenge (one of the 3) and so on, you can see that warrior has more chances to proc TF if he uses every global cooldown. In the video you posted the warrior either didn't click heroic strike at that moment or his autoattack got cancelled by the stun which those mobs do. (you can see the stun icon as a debuff in the top right corner)
  7. Ok just do a little research and learn how instant attacks work. Then come back and correct your sentence.
  8. Ok, time to quote some Mark Twain. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” Do whatever you think is right and have fun with the game.
  9. dude, stop embarassing yourself. Everybody is laughing at you already... of course warriors spam sunder armor even after 5 stacks because it generates just the same amount of threat as with 0 stacks.
  10. Depends on the Boss and the gear of the tank. For soft hitting Bosses like... everything in MC you may have longer periods where you can not spam everything on CD, but i haven't tanked Bosses in a long time, so you need to ask a tank about that.
  11. Do you even know how to instant attack? it does not replace their own attack or speed them up. An instant attack is seperate to autoattacks and creates individual extra attacks which proc TF. If you spam shieldslam, sunder armor and revenge every global (1,5sec) then you will have even higher proc rate than with SoR (1,9sec).