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    Quotes by Killerduki

    Quit the server, still find a way to shit up the forums! /kindest regards
  2. Be ready for incoming announcement to ask for donations.
  3. kingRat


    You're actually dense enough to think that comment means holy resist doesn't exist in the game files, when it does; it's being overwritten server side (just like on Elysium), it's even referenced in the post "SO they actually "cheat" to keep your resistance at 0. Buuut, that is a little off this topic :)". Not speaking for Darkrasp or their project but afaik the issue is fixed on their project so I don't know why in your delusion you keep pushing that point. //kind regards
  4. yeah dude lemme move the goalposts once again so the fairytale in my head won't end, h-haha g-guys I never cared to prove ret was viable dps and worthy of a raid spot h-h-haha got you!! get a grip.
  5. kingRat


    copypasting wowwiki articles and insults ad nauseum is what you and dunky did until Cornholi managed to post real evidence that a server-wide overwrite was in place. Your contribution to the cause was more or less 0. //remember kids retarDin paladin isn't useful dps
  6. yea haha what a loser dude you actually think HahAaa that Ret PAladins are good and useful etc haHaa what a loser thinks paladins can maintank etc. //kind regards, rip Dunky
  7. kingRat


    Wrong, you posted walls of text and flooded that nostalrius thread with insults until someone else stepped up and provided evidence which you were unable to find. Remember that kid.
  8. Someone removed the earlier post )) so this donkeys' argument that ret is good at dpsing is one encounter where the guy in question is tanking and then cannot produce anything else and even mentions that the other guy has to heal in encounters since he'd otherwise be useless. Talk about a waste of a raid spot.
  9. kingRat


    Once the GMs get hold of the situation they should do what they always do in these situations aka permaban the account. Otherwise you can just start selling your accounts by saying "oh it got hacked"
  10. kingRat


    rofl cya account compromised = permabanned btw since it's the user's job to keep it secure.
  11. hey dunky, that's from feenix buddy, where classes and encounters were massively broken. How about showing the progress on the greatest elysium project with best working paladin mechanics in private servers history (quoting you). Or are you still doing 20men and Molten Core since you struggle with General Drakkisath when you're flasked with titans in the INCREDIBLY!! diffIcult encounter that is UBRS. @Theloras theldog, linking one fight, especially where it says in the top of the logs 'SW_Stats Reset occured mid fight thus the data on this page may not be accurate' seems to me like grasping at straws, especially when the player in question isn't to be seen in ANY ranking or record for averages in BWL http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/Ranking.aspx?Bosses=0B0C0D0E0F0G0H0I&realm=Ana&ClassLimit=WrIRoIPa nor AQ40 http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/Ranking.aspx?Bosses=1C1D1E1F1G1H1I1J1K&realm=Ana&ClassLimit=WrIRoIPa. Also, if the player in question offheals since he can't properly dps on other encounters it'll of course bring in to question the reason to bring him into the encounters, the spot would be better used by a pure dps doing an all around average job (still contributing to every kill) even if his average dps might be lower than one spike (possibly skewed data) from the retardin. Of course the player in question is nowhere to be seen for any other record dps either for the whole of AQ40, I'm sure in an autistic fit you've gone through the whole of realmplayers to find this one record of a possibly bugged log so I'll assume he hasn't broken any records in MClol or BWL. We can also call into question the whole legitimacy and consistency of these logs when you look at http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/FightOverallOverview.aspx?FightName=C'Thun&realm=Ana, even when it says "Fights with unrealistic dmg spikes(SW_Stats reset bug) are disqualified from this list." it clearly isn't working right. //Waiting for the next reply with more bias and salt from the PaladinDuo
  12. Nice job of moving the goalpost when I ask for a top performing guild. I'll humor you however. Even in that shit guild his overall contribution to your great 7/9 AQ (rofl) is remarkably low, cherrypicking one fight doesn't really make a good argument. I think we can conclude by saying that there are no retlol paladins doing well in top performing guilds nor will there ever be. @killerduki hey dunky did you maintank razorgore yet succesfully? How's the Blooders doing in general? I mean those 20mans surely are a fun distraction but wouldn't people like to raid the Tier 2 content let alone AQ40 any time soon?
  13. Yeah, their dps compared to classes/specs that are made to dps is bottom of the barrel as in not even close to being on par even if the players playing the pure dps classes are generally worse. You're still free to link any well performing retri paladins or pala main tanks from any top performing guild instead of nitpicking on the message. But I suppose since you can only try to subvert and steer the conversation in the other direction stems from the fact you can't prove your claim. Less 'lololololol' - more raidstats :)
  14. Link a top performing guild with a paladin maintank and or a ret doing top 5 melee dps please.