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    Anathema shamans

    Have any of you gotten http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=22396 Totem of life which seems to be missing from the fankriss loot table, thanks in advance.
  2. Hai

    Anathema shamans

    Yes, the item was mistakenly allowed to drop for a brief period before the introduction of 1.10 so a select shamans have the item, but it hasn't dropped SINCE the introduction of 1.10 where it was supposed to drop. I think its rather egregious that a raid epic hasn't dropped in very long time and I have received 0 response to my issue on github. For reference, the viscidus druid idol has a listed 14% drop rate and in my experience it has been almost 100%, see http://realmplayers.com/ItemUsageInfo.aspx?realm=Ana&item=22399 Whereas the shaman relic has a listed drop rate of 15%. Edit: got a response.
  3. Hai

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    I don't even bg and even to me it seems like the wrong way to go about a "problem"
  4. Hai

    Server Quality.

    There are efforts being made to fix the issues with herbs, crystals and doll parts by people entirely separate from naxxramas development.
  5. Hai


    People have to understand the gargantuan effort it'd take to launch/develop a TBC server, we're talking years here and I don't think they have the resources.
  6. Hai

    Vanish working correctly still?

    There are some edge-case issues related to vanish, feign death and their interaction with mobs/combat, I don't think they are new nor is there any change related to them recently. Sometimes, vanish just doesn't work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Hai

    Pet bar keybinds?

    /script CastPetAction(5); you can make a macro like that, where the skills are 1,2,3,4,5 from left to right http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/API_CastPetAction has an example where you can cast specific spells by their name
  8. Hai

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    the issue is you've most like rebound the menu functionality
  9. Feel like raiding AQ, MC, BWL, ZG? there are plenty of guilds on Anathema that will show you the ropes if you're a good & dedicated player.
  10. Hai

    Is elysium blizzlike

    the spammers are always gonna be ahead because they have a financial motive versus unpaid volunteers, but elysium have implemented some chat restrictions and such to help a bit.
  11. its ok, theres still room to buff the c'thun encounter
  12. Hai

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Ouro changes were accidentally reverted I believe.
  13. Was added because people liked to park lvl 1 characters near every known chest spawn to get gold.