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  1. multimage

    Needs more Claws - How to Cat

    A good feral is a feral that has enough gold to respec resto
  2. multimage

    Blue PvP gear update

    Amph stop using logic pls can't you see they can't handle it
  3. multimage

    10-19 wsg not working

    This is blizzlike and i hope they keep it this way... twinks are ruinning this server
  4. as an undead mage i feel offended
  5. they don't wintrade but they definitly do account share, how else can someone be online for over 100 hours in a row?
  6. the shoulders from BRD are better than R13 shoulders for mage...
  7. instead of scanning the content of the message track the amount of whispers to different characters, that's a far easier way of differenciating legit players from whisper bots
  8. group Q would level the playing field
  9. A this point i don't even think that stinkyqueue would allow you to queue as effectivly as alliance does
  10. anything to boost activity in pvp
  11. multimage

    pls make a new poll

    make a new poll and only let 60s vote FFS