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  1. My code was always working when i logged in from the site, i was just mislead because the control panel was down for everyone. Once it was available, i removed my 2FA from the control panel. About 10 minutes later i received an email with a new code so i added that to my google auth and then i was able to log into the game.
  2. I resolved it. After remove the 2FA from my account in the control panel, i received an email with a new IP lock code. AFter i set that up with Google Authentication, i was able to log in. I have no idea if i was ever locked out or if my authentication just became corrupt or out of sync. Maybe I initially locked it out and then i threw it out of sync. Still learned a lot, thanks for your help Hudson.
  3. I don't have time to wait for a response so i tested it again. This time i removed the 2FA from my account and tried to log in but i get the 'Could not log in to World of Warcraft at this time. Please try again later'. So the control panel does not get affected by your account lock out from the client.... awesome... add another 30 minutes.
  4. I can definitely log back into the control panel, i'm just afraid that the website might not be affected by the lock out if it was caused from the client side, rather than the website. I just want to avoid adding another 30 minutes if it fails again.
  5. If my account is locked out, would i still be able to log into the control panel on the website?
  6. Hudson. Are you able unlock my account or send me a message of how much longer i have to wait for it to be released?
  7. My issue has to be a locked account. I wish there was a way to see the timer.... I am able to authenticate just fine using the 2FA on the website with the exception of the control panel being down... I still authenticate though. The client on the other hand, I get the same initial error every time.
  8. I saw on your recent responses to other topics that the control panel is down so that explains the screenshot.... Separate issue. I'll try that later. Do our game accounts get locked after a certain amount of failed attempts? I've waited over an hour before i tried again a few minutes ago.
  9. Same results. First attempt displays "The information you have entered is invalid..." Any attempt after that displays "Could not log in to World of Warcraft at this time. Please try again later" When i try to access https://elysium-project.org/control after logging in with my username, password and authentication code, I can log in but i get this error: "Oh. Something went wrong. :( Internal Server Error" https://elysium-project.org/control/user
  10. Okay thank's for clearing that up. So i've always used the Duo Mobile app to generate the key. I don't remember using the Google Authetnicator before, but it has been a little while since I set this up. Enabled time synchronization is enabled in Google Authentication. I also scanned the bar code from my email into Google Auth. I still have the Duo App installed as well. I'll wait for your response before i test again. I don't know if i need to remove one or if i need both.
  11. I'm not really sure. I haven't made any changes to the app since i first set it up. I'm looking through the settings now but i don't see anything specific to time synchronization. Is that apart of the phone or the app?
  12. Hello, I've submitted a request to remove my 2FA, just in-case that is the cause of this issue. Right after today's server restart, i tried to log back in when the servers were back up and it has been failing every every time. I have done a lot of troubleshooting which is listed in my 2FA removal request, so i'll copy from that and put it in here. ----------- I'm unable to log into the client or the control panel page on the website after the latest server maintenance today. I know for sure I've used the correct credentials so maybe my account is locked? When logging into the Control Panel page on https://elysium-project.org, i get this page after authenticating: "Oh. Something went wrong. :( Internal Server Error When logging into the client, i get the following results: Initial login "The information you have entered is not valid. Please check the spelling of the account name, password, and PIN. If you need help in retrieving a lost or stolen password, account or PIN, see www.worldofwarcraft.com for more information. Okay Try again (without re-launching the client) "Could not log in to World of Warcraft at this time. Please try again later. " Okay Re-launch client, and log in again. Enter username and password, no prompt for 2FA PIN comes up, instead, the same error as step 2 above. "Could not log in to World of Warcraft at this time. Please try again later. " Okay Contacted my ISP and had my external IP address changed. Same results a steps 1-2.