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    Character Restoration from Nost

    They did you twit, you had plenty of opportunity to get it done, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  2. Everything said so far has been on topic...
  3. Well if this thread actually goes anywhere (doubtful) I'll be happy. Honestly 90% of the users on this forum are no angel when it comes to posting their thoughts, (Everybody trolls on these forums) Yet I feel like Josipbroz specifically targets me, nobody like that deserves to "help" this project.
  4. I'm quite glad you posted this because I have had problems with Josipbroz before, unfair warning points being thrown around left and right just for some light "trolling". He doesn't like me so he decides to abuse his "power"... I have also brought this up with other GMs before but never heard a word back. He's a tool. Make an example of Josipbroz please Elysium team, you guys do such a fantastic job around here but this guy has no idea how to be a Support Representative..